How to Reveal that You Date an Egocentric


People are different, and the more original persons we meet the brighter our lives are. But there is a category of people who refuse to accept these differences, who think the whole world is spinning around them. We sure you’ve met an egocentric personality at least once in your life. We have to work and study together, we accidentally meet in public places. But what to do if you are in love with an egocentric? At first, read our checklist to be sure you date a such person.

Sign 1. They always wonder why people make “strange” decisions. What is egocentric thinking? The primary feature of egocentric behavior in adults is incapability of taking other people’s point of view into account. These people cannot accept anything contrary to their core values and interests. “How stupid he must be to behave like that”, this is their usual complaint. In fact, every person has significant reasons to act as they do, but usually, egocentrics can’t figure out other people’s motives. Because of that they don’t notice the correlation between their irritating behavior and decisions of the others.

Sign 2. They always care what everyone think of them. When we are teenagers, we are mad about what other people think of us. As the rule, such infantile behavior vanishes at the age of 20-25 – this is possible to check if you, for instance, date european women or men. By this time, we all are grown up personalities with a specific values and mindset. We gain a certain experience and the issues of our own personality in the eyes of someone else don’t bother us anymore. Unfortunately, by the age of 25 and even more egocentrics still believe the thoughts of people are focused on them. Such conviction leads to a constant stress and dissatisfaction.

Sign 3. They love to dispute. Everyone likes to discuss hot topics like politics, religion, human or animal rights, and other controversial issues. In such debates we usually can find another point of view, consider different facts, enrich our knowledge about anything. However, you can’t say so about an egocentric personality.

Yep, egocentrics adore arguing, but nobody likes arguing with them. Firstly, they do it to proof there are right and better than others (but we know everyone has their own truth). Secondly, as a rule, disputes with egocentrics are tough and exhausting. They are uncompromising and don’t give up until their correctness is admitted. They also do not notice when they hurt an opponent with their maniac desire to “find the truth”.

Sign 4. They ignore any dislike toward them and aspire to proof they are better. Simply, the egocentric psychology does not know the word “No”. If they were neglected or rejected, they will definitely sacrifice their time and health to make everyone think they made a mistake. A typical example is when they come on a party on which they were not invited. Such pointless attempts to reassure others only make things worse.

Is it possible get rid of egocentrism? Actually, yes, but it is hard. Moreover, the best way to do it is very tricky. Egocentrics have to maintain healthy and harmonious relationship with other people, and it’s harder than saying when there is no mutual understanding. Anyway, if your couple suffer from their behavior and demonstrate a will to figure it out, it will be even better.

Seems impossible, but close romantic relationship can be a salvation, so if you wish to help your beloved egocentric, this is the best time to begin. Remember, that building serious relationship is already hard for them, so do not push. Be patient. Let them understand that they can get more pleasure and profit out of communication with others, and the best example – your relationships.


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