Letter to my Best Friend


Although you know these things which I am going to write but I haven’t told them to you in person, so here I am writing this for you.

You are the most important person in my life. The part of my life which is inseparable and this is tried and tested, many have tried to apart us but we are still the same and that made our bond even stronger, thanks to those people though.

You are the one who knows me more than I know myself. After listening to just a hello you get to know about my mood, well hats off for that. The times when I am so irritated and not even wish to move out of the bed and just yell at people, you are the one who says babe chill its just PMS, you’ll be fine. Then I am like yeah girl you are right and we both laugh together on this.

Thank you for showing that trust on me that I can give kick ass performance in the exams when I am not even prepared and freaks out by announcing to everyone that I’ll fail. “Bhai bahot easy hai, I know and I trust you tu aram se kar legi”, when you say these words, I get the motivation to do it for you and for this support I can’t thank you enough.

You are the one with whom I can be open and honest. With you I can be myself and accept me the way I am and love me for who I am. When I am with you I can be as ugly as I could and I know you’ll still love me. And yup thank you for having faith on me and my driving at that time when you knew I am a bad driver :p

Thank you for going on dates with me, and for this I can proudly say I don’t need a man for going out on date when I have you. From our shopping dates to food dates, though coffee date is still due, you were always there for me. And ya I can never forget that jalebi date.

You are the first person who comes to my mind when I wish to share something be it love, lafde or any other freaking problem of my life, you know the complete stories from the very beginning to the end.

Thank you for always providing me with your shoulder whenever I want to cry, though you make me laugh after that.

Thank you for always telling me the truth, the truth which I sometimes don’t want to listen but never stop telling me the truth because I want to hear it.

You know I am moody and very hard to live with n sometimes I doubt, how can you be so in love with me that you listens it all and still don’t give up on me and that’s because you are family now and I can lean on you, count on you and always expect you to be there with me, always.

I can’t thank you much for being my alarm as well and for having those weird conversations and thinking if anyone heard us, we’d be put into a mental hospital.

Thank you for giving me millions of memories and stories to tell to my children and grandchildren as well as yours, thousands of jokes, hundred shared secrets and one reason…. Best friend.


You are the one who has helped me with my heart aches and given me advice.

 All my stupidities you understand and realise.

From our first intro to our heavy lehengas, a bride and bridesmaid.

You are my best friend and my soul mate.


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