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Choose your Career in 10 Simple Steps

This article envisages providing ample food for thought in the pursuit of choosing your careers. A person’s success is simply a reflection of the career decision he once chose to embark upon. This naturally calls out for the development of certain traits and attributes cultivated within, the very same have been pondered herewith!

Know for sure that your career is not going to strike you as a bolt from the blue. The more you try yourself in different arenas, the more you discover yourself, the closer you get. So delve within and ask yourself as to what really garners your interest?   

  • Become a bit thick skinned.

You know yourself better than any other person on the face of this whole planet and whenever you try to tell the people around as to how you are passionate about a relatively remote (read offbeat) career, they may demoralize you. In such a scenario you should be able to grow enough of that thicker skin (Of course, do listen to the advises of your stake-holders, parents and peers; but not every other fellow you bump across!).

Choose your Career in 10 Simple Steps

  • Do you know it all?

Coming from an engineering background when I ask my fellow batch mates and juniors as to why they ended up taking Computer Science, keeping some passionate exceptions apart, they almost unambiguously name money as the reason. They didn’t have an idea about the branch they were majoring in!  Do you think they will be able to make nice money? Do you too intend to choose your career on a similar line as this?

  • It won’t be a bed of roses

Know that your career can and will have its one share of setbacks and the life won’t be a cakewalk. Ask yourself “Am I still all for it?” If the answer is still a persistent Yes, You sir, are then all for it!

  • Do not hesitate to take calculated risks.

History is loaded with the examples of people who were considered as lunatics when they have come up with their ideas. Only now do we know about their real worth. Could that happen had they shied away from taking risks?

But then there were many of those who took risks and were left nowhere too. That’s why the word calculated!

  • Don’t lose hope on set backs

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]“Man proposes God disposes!”[/beautifulquote]

People tend to be feverish about the result of their efforts, however, it is imperative that feverishness for success makes us weak and a weak person, can never win. Know that there is no point in coming back after travelling halfway; after all you will anyway travel the other half to return back!

  • Always have a plan B ready!

It’s always better to have multiple plans, this helps a lot in not losing hope during the cases of failure!

On one hand it removes the extra burden from ones head resulting from the fear of dejection at the same time it increases our chances of success.

  • Passion and all..?

Say your passion is for watching movies and I give you four long movies to watch daily. How long do you think your passion will last? Even if your passion is in tandem with your career, necessity is for a higher goal from your career each time you succeed, after all Success is a journey not the destination!

  • Always be in the part of a like-minded group

This really catalyzes your progress! Especially for the competitive examinations. There goes a saying that “Do not be in the company of misers, they will bring you down to their level and will beat you then with their experience!

  • One for the kitchen one for the soul.

Say you wish to be a stand–up comic, or a scriptwriter or things alike. It’s quiet imperative that your career choice doesn’t match with the typical mainstream ones. You may really be quiet motivated to conceive that as the sole purpose of your life, but then how to convince your stakeholders? “One for the kitchen and One for the Soul” simply means that for the sake of satisfaction may perceive your dreams but in order to keep the fire in your kitchen burning or to make the ends meet, have an alternative and conventional source of income and then whenever you feel firmly established in the first career, switch graciously!


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