Hello fellow explorers out there! Have you started planning your holidays? Yes, almost every one of us gets excited about travelling and when it comes to choosing our mode of transport, we never fail to be choosy for our comfort. Our mode of transport is never going to be important if the journey during travel keep us excited and entertaining. Everyone once in their lifetime had an opportunity to travel by Train which is an absolute bliss. I’d suggest Train Journey for the entire nature lovers out there. No travel in India is complete without experiencing the safe and comfortable journey in Indian Train. As all of you know train journey is the cheapest, civilized and comfortable means of transport.

Only for this reason? Of course not!

Here are the 9 reasons that will mesmerize you to prefer train travel for your upcoming trip. Either it is an individual or a group trip, it is always going to be a refreshing experience!

1. Happy Sleep

During a journey, our only requirements are good sleep and food, especially during long journeys. Only on trains one can happily sleep and take rest without anybody pain or back pain. Its magic of heavenly breeze on our face from the window during travel gives us the literal experience of sleeping in clouds as the train keeps moving forward.9 REASONS WHY TRAIN JOURNEYS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST

2. Affordable Prices

Booking a ticket before one week of planning for a trip is more than enough, we can easily get tickets for nearby places and it is the cheapest of all. If it is by Bus, the price is double the train. Instead, we can spend that on our favourite food, shopping etc.The local food and things sold on the train is another new experience to enjoy during the journey with different kind of snacks where that is again cheaper.9 REASONS WHY TRAIN JOURNEYS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST

3. Fun-filled Trip

If you feel long distance trip is a waste of time, that maybe while travelling in a bus, but not in the train! A Train journey will always be part of our memories, especially while travelling with our friends and relatives. Without any feeling of wasting a day in travelling, by preferring Train one can have full fun. It has a very comfortable space provided for chatting, playing games, music, dance, dumb charades and so on. The whole compartment will be yours to have fun with your travel partners.9 REASONS WHY TRAIN JOURNEYS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST

4. Unlimited Variety of Food

Woah, Food! Good food is what we want while travelling. For each and every stop we can load the stuff from nearby stalls. On the long journey, we may pass through different places and states. For each place has its own special type of food from where we can have the experience of tasting different variety of food while travelling on the train.9 REASONS WHY TRAIN JOURNEYS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST

5. Full Freedom

Like Bus, it is not necessary for us to be like a statue in the same place. We have the freedom to move like checking the entrance door to enjoy the fresh air and nature outside. And this is one of the best parts of a train journey. Also, the little space provided between each compartment helps the elders and fitness people to walk for their routine health.



6. New Friends

Going on a solo trip? No worries! We have loads of time while travelling on the train and due to the seating arrangements in the train you can grab a chance to have a good time with your opposite seated train-mate. Train journeys will never make you feel lonely.9 REASONS WHY TRAIN JOURNEYS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST

7. No Stress

We can relax, fresh-up, drink as much as water possible and use the available washroom. People who love window gazing would never want to miss this experience as the fast approaching trees and forests give you an immense relaxation of releasing toxins from the body to relieve stress.9 REASONS WHY TRAIN JOURNEYS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST

8. Deep Thoughts

As soon as you grab a window seat you tend to just cut off from this world and travel in your own thoughts, enjoying the fresh green nature. This also lets out your soul to wander in nature grasping only positive vibes for your body and mind while gazing towards the green nature.9 REASONS WHY TRAIN JOURNEYS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST

9. Filmy Adventure

Have you ever experienced the filmy style of getting on the train? Late Latif’s train boarding is always in a movie style. Anyone in the train would help them get into the train or people who came along with them for send-off should run along with them or carry luggage until they board the train. Finally, once on board, they will have the next level satisfaction. More or less those filmy adventures you’ve seen in movies still would happen in reality at times, it is another reason to catch up those lively moments for your entertainment.9 REASONS WHY TRAIN JOURNEYS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for your next adventurous trip on a train. Gather a group, pack some food and most importantly book a window seat to have the best journey. When you’re back to home, this journey would be placed among your best trips that will always be cherished in your memory and will be noted forever in your Travel-Diary.





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