10 Reasons IIT Madras is the Best Pick for IIT JEE Aspirants


JEE is a very popular and important exam for all engineering aspirants especially those who aspire to be a part of the prestigious IITs. It is the dream institution for all and one among those is IIT Madras. It is an autonomous statutory organisation and an institute of national importance recognised by the Government of India. JEE Main 2018 will be conducted on April 08 in the offline mode and on April 15, 16 in the online mode.

JEE Main Admit Card has been made available on the official site. According to a survey, less than 2% of the test-takers on an average manage to get into IIT.  This year 2, 24,000 candidates will be sitting for JEE Advanced 2018 for much lesser seats across the various IITs.

Now, there is often a confusion between which IIT is the best as they all share the same legacy. There are certain reasons for IIT Madras being the best pick for IIT JEE Aspirants. Apart from its highly-qualified and experienced faculty members and great location, there are a few more things that make IIT Madras the best. Let’s have a look.

Best Campus

IIT Madras is known to have the best campus and location as compared to all other IITs. Chennai is a coastal city and has the world’s second largest beach known as ‘Marina Beach’. So, if you get exhausted and need to have some fresh sir, you can always go out for a walk on the beach. So, guys your dream of studying in a college with a great infrastructure will definitely be fulfilled with IIT Madras.

Great Faculty Members

The most important journey of a student’s life is to have great teachers, who are there to explain every little concept and clear all the doubts. IIT Madras has a team of highly-qualified and experienced faculty members, who are there to guide you throughout your journey of becoming a successful engineer.

There are 550 faculty members, 1250 supporting and administrative staff and over 8000 students. It is like a big family approaching towards technology and advancement step-by-step. Teachers at IIT Madras are very supportive and approachable and this is one of the reasons why IIT Madras has its legacy and was voted the best IIT in 2017.

Research Facilities

At IIT Madras, every student gets the right exposure to the practical concepts of engineering. It has the best research facilities and is first IIT to have its own research park, which acts as a catalyst for far-reaching technological development, where every student can pursue his/her innovative idea with full support from the faculty members. So, if you want to become an entrepreneur or go for R&D, IIT Madras is the right institute for you.

Diversified & Vibrant Culture & College Festivals

College festivals are a source of great entertainment, exposure and fun in every college. At IITM, Saarang, the annual 5-day cultural festival is one of the largest of its kinds in India. The entire fest is organized by the students, where every student takes part and works as team.

Another technical fest, Shaastra is also held at IIT Madras. Technical fests are held in all the IITs, but what makes Shaastra unique is that, every year, thousands of national and international students participate in it, racking their brains to show how much of a geek they can really be. Not only these, but IITM celebrates every culture and their festivals, such as, Diwali, Holi, Pongal, Onam, Durga Pooja, etc. and truly embarking the ideals of “Unity in Diversity”.


If you get the opportunity to study at IIT Madras then you can enjoy a lot of privileges apart from great exposure and quality study. In the college campus, no student is allowed a motorized vehicle, so everyone in campus uses a bicycle. It is very important to stay fit and cycling is also pollution free. Isn’t it wonderful to see a 100 people cycling at a time almost every day?

Apart from this, various activities are held throughout the week to maintain a healthy environment in the campus. There is an Open Air Theatre, where at every Saturday students can watch a new movie in English or in any regional languages with wonderful picture and sound clarity. Other facilities include, Gym, Library, Cafeteria, Wifi, etc.

Culture of Excellence

Engineers from IIT Delhi and IIT Mumbai are founders of many prominent e-commerce and marketplace ventures of today, like Flipkart, Zomato, Snapdeal, Ola, Quickr and Housing. But students of IIT Madras focus more of technology-based startups and the phenomenal success of certain companies like Zoho clearlt indicates the fact that IITM graduates have the potential to take the technology to another level.

Like most other IITs, the education at IIT Madras is not just about mugging up books, but to have a more practical approach. This is the reason why IIT Madras students make it big. During their stay at the institute, the students are constantly motivated to think big and are exposed to several experiences which become inspirational for them.

Placement Records

Finally, the most important thing in any college is placement into a good reputed company. Well, IIT Madras has an excellent track record of placement and its placement season has always been a hub for recruitment for many companies. The institute offers 100% placement records with high packages into top multi-national companies. With a good college like IIT Madras, you do not have to worry about getting a job, you just have to concentrate on sharpening your academic and practical skills, and the rest is up-to the college.

On an international level, the highest package offered last year was about $129,300, which is a beyond great package for any graduate. There will be a lot of opportunities at IITM, related to your career. You will get full exposure to explore all your options.

Top Recruiters

IIT Madras has excellent placement records, maintaining the pride and legacy of IIT. Some of the world’s largest corporations and top 500 fortune companies go after an IITian. If you are graduated from IIT Madras, then you will get the benefit of it throughout your life, irrespective of the year you passed out.

The list of top recruiters that come to IIT Madras includes, Capgemini, Google, Shell, Cisco, BCG, Microsoft, Intel, Rolls Royce, Carner, Facebook, Oracle, VISA, ITC, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, Roland Berger, Wrig Nanosystems, FinMechanics and Honeywell.

Various Other Technologies

According to a global project that elaborates the most powerful supercomputers in the world, mentioned that IIT Madras has the fastest super-computing facility in India with a set of tightly connected computers that work together. IIT Madras’s supercomputing facility is also 224th in the World and covers an area of 36 square meters. Students of IIT Madras work together as a team to make all these things happen and take the name of IITM to even larger platform.

Centre for Innovation (CFI)

There is a Centre for Innovation (CFI) in the institute which is a great workplace for creative engineers that believes “Walk in with an idea, walk out with a product”. It is a 24-hour student’s Innovation Lab, with the vision to promote informal learning and invention in technology, with a focus on technologies aimed at contributing positively to the environment and to the society.

There are total eight CFI clubs, which work on different projects and supports the varying interests of students. Here you will get the opportunity to exchange the knowledge and ideas among students.


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