10 films based on Rabindranath Tagore’s works


1) Chokher Bali:

Based upon Tagore’s novel with the same name, Rituparno Ghosh brilliantly does justice to each and every character. It majorly focuses upon the mental growth of Binodini, a widow. Moreover, one can also witness all shades of traditions suppressing women’s sexuality and the friendship between two women that actually prevents things to fall apart.

2) Charulata:

It has been made under the direction of Satyajit Ray, to whom Indian Cinema owes so much. Based on Tagore’s novella, “Nastanirh“, it brings out the plight of a much-neglected housewife, Charu. It is a story that justifies Charu’s inexpressible relationship with a man who matches her interest in writing.
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3) Uphaar:

A film that is based upon a short story, “Samapti“. It deals with a woman, Minoo, who hasn’t been able to come out of her “innocence” even after getting married to Anoop. Upon living alone with Anoop’s mother that she realizes her expected duties. And then, her innocence literally comes to an end.

4) Kabuliwala:

Based upon a story with the same name, it shows a bond between Rahmat, an Afghan dry-fruit vendor and a small girl, Mini, who reminds him of his own daughter back in Afghanistan. In fact, it acts an as a reconciliation between material wants and spiritual needs of a man who is also a father.
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5) Atithi:

Tapan Sinha directed this wonderful piece to a film that not only did entertain audience but also penetrated their souls with wonder. A shifted perspective of Tara, a small boy who quits his home and relationships to practically live the temporariness of life.

6) Dak Ghar:

It is based on a play with the same title and directed by Zul Vellani. It captures the story of Amal, a boy whose medical condition doesn’t permit him to leave his room. But, his idealized notion of a Post office and his imaginary schedule of sending and receiving letters, takes him out of his confined space.
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7) Milan (1946):

The theme of this film was taken from Tagore’s story, “Nauka Dabi”. where on one hand it takes us on a tour of humour, on the other, it brings out some silent issues like caste inequality. The story of Ramesh and Hemnalini’s love to Ramesh’s marriage to Sushila and ending up with Kamala, opens many knots of perceptions.
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8) Ghare Baire:

A story that has been set against the backdrop of Partition of Bengal. It showcases the love triangle of Nikhilesh, his wife Bimala and his friend Sandip. The point where Bimala realizes the complexity of her relationship with Sandip marks her growth as a person.
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9) Chaturanga:

This movie sets an image of chaotic Colonial Bengal. It progresses with Sachish’s actions and thoughts that lead him into some complex terms with both the women he thinks about.

10) Lekin… :

Based loosely on Tagore’s Kshudhit Pashaan, it emerged out as a film under the directorial work of Gulzar. It covers the story of a man, Sameer who finds himself inclined towards a girl, Reva, whose existence is questionable. It not only gives a sense of haunt but also plunges into the deep psychological truths that one fails to find.

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