What are you waiting for?

The secret of getting ahead is to get started. Sometimes even only this ‘start’ itself takes more time than the phase of the whole journey. At times, the failure of past and the fear of future prevents us to move our steps to the idea of present. We all are well aware, that to reach to the number 100, we have to start counting from 1, not from 50, 70 or so on, so as life is; to touch the stars we have to cross mountains, rivers and hills first. The beginnings, the starts, always are found to be the hardest. We usually start taking things for granted that are easily available, isn’t it? And may be you find the start to be easy but to walk on that path till the end is always difficult. We will have both ups and downs, there will also come a time when we will believe that everything is finished, at that will be our utmost start. So we should keep this thought and spirit in our mind:
“Let’s just start, we don’t have to be great to start, but we have to start a great”

What are you waiting for?
Just when a caterpillar thought the world is over, it become a butterfly to fly freely. Sometimes the smallest step taken, takes us to the biggest heights. Only there is a need to take that ‘step’. We usually have more potential than we think. With every sunrise there must be a plan ready for the new start. Everyday itself takes us to the very new opportunities. The mistakes of yesterday that turned to be the lessons of today can be the reason of our success but cannot be the excuse of our failure. Think about the energy and possibilities of today rather than thinking about the expectations of yesterday.
“Don’t stare at the closed door too long, else we will miss that window opening”
As long as we are breathing, we have every chance to move with our dreams, with our plans and with our ideas. Keep challenging yourself that will take you to the path of success.
Life is that adventurous game, to unlock every next level, you have to face the existing challenge.
So let’s have a fresh start, with new ideas, new energy that will definitely be exciting and surprising.
So what are you waiting for, are you ready to surprise yourself with the best start?

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