Accidentally discovered as a result of incalculable physical and chemical interaction between many habitual ingredients at first, cheese has become a considerable invention of experience obtained through ages. Eventually, now we are blessed with innumerable flavors of different salivating cheeses, with different names given to them for accuracy.

Following is the list of some most enjoyable cheese varieties from the world!


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Asiago is an Italian cheese prepared from cow’s milk and dates back hundreds of years. On the basis of its ripening period, the cheese textures vary from silken and smooth to firm and crumbly. An evident change of color is also observed from white to dark yellow. It’s gentle smell and pungent flavor, with an amalgamation of sharpness and fruitiness present in it, converts the cheese into a magnificent dressing for various snacks, salads, soups, sauces, pasta, and many more mouthwatering dishes.


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This kind of Cheese is recognized to be falling into the category of the “aged cheese”. This sharply flavored cheese is injected with special cultures of Penicillium mold to create blue and emerald or even grey and brownish veins throughout the cheese interior. Blue Cheese is generally matured in caves and acquires a peculiar kind of tangy taste and a distinct smell may be because of the specially cultivated bacteria.
To create a balance with its strong salty taste it is usually served with sweet desserts and sparkling wines. Blue Cheese also adorns the plate, when served in addition to various appetizers like beef and fish snacks.


Originally created in the region of Brie, France, this softly ripened cheese is also known as “Queen of Cheeses”. This exquisite double cream cheese is made from cow’s milk and that is the secret of this creamy velvety cheese. According to the ancient times, it has been said that the cheese was presented to the French Kings as a tribute. Brie evolves its serene and sweetish taste when served with fruit or berries, nuts or even Dark Chocolate.


This moist, soft, creamy, surfaceripened, cow’s milk delight is known as CAMEMBERT Cheese, which is the best-known French Cheeses of the world. It is said that its name was given by Napolean because he was very fond of this cream cheese. The buttery cheese has a runny and smooth texture, bloomy rind and is softly ripened with an appetizing mush. Traditionally, Camembert is paired with apple cider, but it unfolds it’s flavor when served as a dainty seasoning to some salads or served with some fruits, jams, honey, or even meat.


Having its origin from the English village of Cheddar in Somerset, southwest England, this is one of the phenomenal hard cheeses produced from cow’s milk. Authentically, this cheese has traits of firm texture and unique flavor which balances its tastes between sharpness and creaminess. The younger cheese gives a velvety consistency when melted, while the more aged type is great for grating. Cheddar, in any form, is heaven in your plate!


‘Gouda’ is amongst the most popular Dutch Cheese which is habitually prepared from cow’s milk. While maturing, it develops a unique taste and texture and the color of its outer layer changes from ivory to gold. Gouda is a multipurpose fragrant cheese as it serves for both sweet and savory dishes.


According to the historical sources, the production of this cheese took place in the region of Gruyere, Switzerland, back in the 12th century. As it ripens, the cheese gets the hardness and graininess of its texture and is another form of cheese prepared from cow’s milk. More mature Gruyere has a dominant and commanding flavor while the younger cheese is creamier and sweeter.
Neither a fine Fondue nor a classic French onion soup is complete without this versatile cheese. It is heavenly in either way, whether grated or melted which adds a particular edge to the dish.


‘Mozzarella’ !!! An image of Pizza just popped up your mind, Isn’t it? This rhythmic term comes from the Italian word, “mozzare” which means “to cut” and parallels to the cheese making process. When the curds are cut into small pieces, and hot water is added, to heat the cheese and to infuse more elasticity to its consistency.
Snow white fresh mozzarella has a divine flavor, with a mellow milky odor and a soft and supple texture. You can’t stop yourself from being a “BURRATA” fan after trying this. This is an essential ingredient for classic Italian “Tomato-Basil” Pizzas and sandwiches.


Parmesan cheese goes best as a piquant seasoning to various snacks and hot pasta. This is a unique kind of hard cheese, with a distinguishing grainy character. The ravishing fragrance and a sweet divine taste with the tints of nuttiness make it apt for grating.


It is equally delightful tasting the cheese as much as pronouncing the word “PECORINO” in the Italian accent. Now, this is a cheese prepared from sheep’s milk. Having a drumlike shape these cheeses are firm. It is similar to other hard cheeses in texture and possesses more buttery flavors when young. Gradually, it develops a nutty or earthy taste on ripening. Pecorino cheese evolves fantastic flavors when served with hot steamy soups, baking casseroles and pasta.


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