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DIGITAL TWIN- A Revolutionary Concept!

Conceptualization of Digital Twin basically depicts the combination of the physical section and of the physical section and virtual section where every commercial product will get a high-powered automated characterization.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things, Engineering and Manufacturing business space are some of the technologies incorporated by the Digital Twins concept. These bridged automated things produce data in real time and this serves as a boon for predicting the problems beforehand or giving prior alert notifications, it avoids interruptions, creates new opportunities and sketches better plans and products for an upcoming time at effective values by using simulations.

The total credit for making digital twin more economical and comprehensible for the business world goes to the extensive outstretch and usage of IOT.


DIGITAL TWIN- A Revolutionary Concept!

Cybernated replicas of machines or physical sites using sensors are the virtual equivalents i.e- Digital Twins of the physical assets which are created in this form. These Digital assets come with an advantage i.e- even before an asset is built physically, these digital assets can be developed. Data is assembled and amalgamated from various origins including physical data, manufacturing data, operational data and insights from analytics software, by the engineers for creating a digital twin of any physical asset.

Analytics are applied to these models, which helps us in obtaining an applicable judgment related to the physical asset and all the data besides the AI Algorithms is fused into a physics-based virtual model. The homogenous drifting of data assists in achieving the apt inspection, which aids in the growth of the business outcome. Digital twin can be synonymized as a live model of the concrete machine.


1. Customer Experience-

DIGITAL TWIN- A Revolutionary Concept!
Customer plays a crucial role in creating repercussions over the strategies and decisions in any business. To achieve and maintain large customer crowd, is the main goal of any establishment. This is done by amplifying your customer’s experience. The services can be boosted with the help of digital twin which is directly offered to customers. For Example- Latest fashions could be modeled on a visual twin of the customer with the help of Digital Twin.

2. Performance Timing-

DIGITAL TWIN- A Revolutionary Concept!
Digital Twin can provide us with a superb advantage of making predictions for long term planning and it also helps in regulating the finest set of actions that multiply the key performance metrics. For Example- A scientific device deployed on a space-craft, can be tuned from Earth using digital twin as a 3D real-time visualization.

3. Healthcare –

DIGITAL TWIN- A Revolutionary Concept!

A hospital system can be computerized with the help of digital twin to build a secure atmosphere and so the impact of potential changes on system performance could be tested. Digital Twin plays a vital role in upgrading the quality of health services provided to the patient. For Example- Digital visualization of the heart can be performed before operating it by a surgeon with the help of  digital twin. It is beneficial in many aspects.

4. Maintenance-

DIGITAL TWIN- A Revolutionary Concept!
A Digital Twin has the capacity of extracting and scrutinizing performance data, under different conditions. For example- The race-car engine can be mirrored to our minds, with a digital twin to recognize a required maintenance that is about to burn out.


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