The glow of our skin, disappears somewhere in the atmosphere, these days. Even by trying various face packs we can’t get it back. Several questions arise in mind how to rescue our soft skin from the harsh heat. But it is not that easy to determine, which face pack will be best for your skin type. Varieties of skin types , suffer from varieties of damages. If you wanna escape from the bitter conditions of the weather,go for the fresh fruit packs in the fresh SUMMERS.


Cucumber is the best escape for the hot loo in summers, it goes same for the skin. It helps in hydrating our skin and is quiet favorable for the skin. This pack can be used for oily, dry and normal skin. It imparts a velvety and smooth texture to the skin , as well as releases stress. However, it detoxifies the skin and removes any kind of itching or burning sensation from the skin. You can get back your instant glow from this watery fruit.


Take 1 cucumber, 4 tablespoon Milk, 1 teaspoon Honey and 1teaspoon Brown sugar, mix all of the ingredients together and turn it into a paste. Leave it for 20 minutes on your face and then rinse it with cold water. Pat your face with a soft towel to dry. You can use this pack twice a week for better results.


Mango is the best fruit to be applied on a normal skin. Mango has vitamin A and C properties which removes the unwanted blemishes from the skin. However, it gives a young look too. It opens the skin pores and cleanses it.


Mix 1 Ripe Mango with 2 teaspoon of Multaani Mitti Powder and make a paste out of it. Apply it on your face and neck. Leave it for 30 minutes on your face. When the pack is dry, use a scrub to remove it slowly from downwards to upward direction. It imparts moisture and glow to your skin instantly. Do not apply this pack more than once in 2 weeks. It is recommended to go for a patch test before use.


Banana is the best ingredient to get rid of unwanted pimples and acne. It keeps the skin healthy and saves you from many skin complications. It has vitamin B-6 and A, which protects the skin from damage. Prefer a patch test before use.


Add lemon juice and honey in a mashed Banana and mix it well. Apply the pack on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it well.


If you have an oily skin type, then strawberry will be best suited for your skin. The use of strawberry can rid you from so many skin complications. Strawberry has alpha-hydroxide, which creates a hindrance for the pimples to emerge in the oily skin. Strawberry face packs sheds away the dirt and gives you a fresh feel. Strawberry face pack not only hydrates but also opens the pores of your skin.


Blend the strawberries in a blender and add a teaspoon of honey to it. Apply this pack to your face and leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse it with fresh milk or water. You can use it daily for better results.


A combination of Kiwi and Avocado will be best for the mixed skin types, because it has adequate amount of anti-oxidants, along with alpha and beta-Carotene which is very beneficial for the skin. It protects the skin from pollution and brings an instant glow to your face.


Take 1 Avocado and mash a Kiwi in it. Then add 1 teaspoon of honey and mix well. Apply it to your face. Rest for 30 minutes and rinse it well. This pack has a high moisturizing content and will give your face a fresh, glowing look.


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