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The main difference between human and other creatures are of mutual relations. In this every-step challenging, ironical world,family relations flourish only when they are liquidated with love. Selfless and charitable attitudes , give birth to sweet vehement and uncontaminated relations which are deep-rooted and are in for the long-haul. The abrupt desires of instantaneous interest accomplishments of society compel us to believe that human relations are Bizzare….!!
You eat, laugh, share secrets and are conjoined with them through hearts and spend major hours of the day with them, and one day, unfortunately those lovable sweet memories…those people become a part of your past… Outlandishly pathetic!! According to Mr. Franklin Roosevelt, former president of America to keep the human knots subsisting, people of varying communities will have to learn , how to maintain peace and harmony in the world.HUMAN KNOTS!!

If expectations are minimized in the world , then the deterioration of bonds shall reduce. A person deprived of reliable links is unable to express his or her’s afflictions or anguishments to anyone, axiomatically, he falls in the trap of mental illness and starts staying depressed…So dear pals …it is inexpedient, to turn out into an anti-social element and try to survive in this cacophonous society… Concludingly, all I wanna convey is- STAY HAPPY!! STAY AFFECTIONATED AND STAY LIAISON-IZING!!


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