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Journey To The Celestial City 2 – Book Review

Journey To The Celestial City 2” is the book written by Buddhadeb Basu. Last night, I ordered this book on Amazon Kindle. The moment I flipped through the first few pages, I was taken to a different land. True to its title, the book entails a journey.

Reading this book made me journey through the myriad of emotions. It is the story of a pious Brahmin named Mind who lives in Pride City. In his city, people are flamboyant, extravagant and big show off. Mind feels claustrophobic among the materialistic people. The Brahmin wants to escape the ostentatious city and achieve salvation. Hence, he decides to go to the Celestial City.

Mind is accompanied by his close friend Godlover. On his journey, he comes across many people. All of them taught him a lesson. Some good some bad but he learned a great deal during this journey.

The book is filled with similes. One can easily relate to the characters named Glad, Wisdom, Compassion and Dr. Truth etc. There are intimidating negative characters like Lucifer, Mounibaba, Crook and Deceit etc.

The author has given a beautiful message in a very simple language. The charm of the book lies in the fact that it is suitable for all age group. A child can enjoy the book as a fantasy tale. Whereas the adult audience will have a different perspective. They will read it from the spiritual POV.

The book will cleanse your soul and refresh you from within. However, there is a particular chapter on lust where the narrator stretches the plot uselessly. The sexy siren named Passion is highlighted more than necessary. I noticed an uncanny resemblance between the plot of Dr. Truth with the classic “A Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Since I was to review the book, I mentioned a small drawback. It was simply for the editorial purpose. As far as reviewing it from the reader’s POV is concerned. I found it a great read. It is totally unputdownable. “Journey to the Celestial” is sure to have a calming effect on its readers. After you finish it, you will feel rejuvenated spiritually. It is a spiritual journey indeed.

I will give the book 4 out of 5 stars. A must read for those who prefer a light-hearted fantasy. Gift it to a teacher or young reader. Both will enjoy the book equally. If you are looking for a good read tucked in your seat with a hot cup of coffee. Journey To The Celestial City is WHAT YOU NEED!!!

Ankita Banerjee
Ankita Banerjee
English literature student from kolkata, bibliophoile and lives off coffee and believes that I will travel the world one day..till then stay tuned.


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