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HIGH HEEL CHURCH- An Amazing Monument!

There are many appealing and exotic locations all over the world which are the sure shot tourists attractions. A traveler at heart is ever-ready to explore new interesting places, and henceforth the HIGH HEEL CHURCH of Taiwan is them.

HIGH HEEL CHURCH- An Amazing Monument!

Standing on a large concrete disc in Ocean View Park, in TAIWAN’S BUDAI TOWNSHIP, is a massive glass slipper which gives an impression, that this high heel was for a giant size Cinderella, relatable to the famous tale. The real purpose of this church is to cater women, to refer a local legend or something else.
Formed out of 320 blue-tinted panes, the giant shoe church is an all-glass structure which was finished in early 2016 and is set into a metal grid. Near the toe is the main worship space, with a large screen at the tip. On the other hand, there is an outdoor stage built into the collar for the entry of someone’s GIANT FOOT!

Notwithstanding, it is called a church, officials say that its main function will be to cater to weddings and photo shoots. Though it is beautifully designed in women luring architecture, it includes 100 features which, captivates women in a distinct way. It includes loveseat benches, biscuits, and cakes, maple leaf decorations, all accumulated in its worship shoe. To admire the beauty of this huge monument, people come from all the way around the world. It is also said by locals that it also shares a common motive , i.e , to enhance the strength of women at this place.

HIGH HEEL CHURCH- An Amazing Monument!

The shoe was inspired by a local story. According to officials in the 1960’s a 24-year-old girl surnamed Wang from an impoverished region suffered from the Blackfoot disease. Both of her legs had to be amputated, leading to the cancellation of her wedding. She remained unmarried and spent the rest of her life at a church. The high heel is intended to honor her memory.
An amazing glass-structured monument is not allowed to be touched by anyone. The church is shaped like a high-heel shoe 17.76 meters in height, 11.91 meters in width and 25.16 meters in length, and took a very small span of time for it’s construction. It also holds a record under it’s name to be constructed in the shortest span of time for any monument, i.e of 2 months.

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