Things that cause insomnia


    Tossing and turning whole night is nobody’s favorite hobby. Waking up cranky is the last thing we want in the morning. But, if you are facing these issues regularly in your life, beware!!!! You might be suffering from Insomnia. Not everyone is lucky enough to get a full eight hours sleep. Usually there are two types of insomnia, Acute insomnia & Chronic insomnia. The type of insomnia is determined by the length of its occurrence. If you are facing sleep disorders for a short time like one or two nights, it can be termed as short term (acute) insomnia. If the problem persists more than three nights a week for over a month, it is the chronic case of insomnia.

    It can be primary insomnia or secondary one. When your sleep problems are not induced directly by any kind of health condition or medication, this is called primary insomnia.

    When some health disorder or any kind of intake of medications is the cause of sleep problem, this is called secondary insomnia.

    Knowing the root cause of such kind of problem is the first thing you can use to treat sleep deprivation.

    We will discuss some of the major causes of this dreadful disorder. All you have to do is, figuring out the main reason behind it and determining the course of action accordingly.


    There can be more than one reason of not having a good night sleep.

    Stress: It is one of biggest reason of causing insomnia. Stress harm us in multiple ways. Sometimes, stress is caused by overthinking and night. Besides, it seems like night welcomes our stupid thoughts more than anything else.

    Try doing some breathing exercises before heading to bed, you will feel relaxed and then it would be easier to go to your dreamland.

    Bathing: We all love to take a soothing warm bath after the tiresome chorus of day. But, taking a bath just before going to the bed might be a big hurdle in your way to a sound sleep. Our body temperature rises after taking a hot bath and takes some time to cool down to its normal range. So, taking a bath at least 30 minutes to one hour before the bed is advisable.

    Caffeine: Sipping on tea, coffee or any other caffeinated beverage and treating yourself with your favorite chocolate in evening hours can cost you a sweet sleep. Caffeine is known to have stimulating properties. It makes really hard to sleep. Caffeine can have an impact on our body system for more than 10-12 hours. So, if you think drinking these beverages in the afternoon or evening is okay then let me inform you, it’s not at all okay for your sleep.

    Gadgets: Yes, you heard it right. Our beloved gadgets which we can not even imagine our lives without are also the enemies of our sleep. You must avoid using any kind of gadget before the bed. Put your TV , laptop, mobile phone etc off at least one hour before going to bed.

    Avoid repeating any of the habit that may induce insomnia like situation in your life and enjoy dreamy dreams.


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