How To Safeguard Yourself From Pollution


With growing number of vehicles,deforestation and industrialization,pollution is reaching high levels especially in India. Recently, pollution levels in Delhi NCR reached the extremes. The atmosphere was full of smog. The visibility decreased to a large extent due to which a lot of accidents took place. People with respiratory problems found it difficult to even step out of their homes. Even healthy people started facing breathing problems. In such a weather of extreme pollution, it is very important to know ways to safeguard oneself. Here are some ways to protect yourself from the dangerous pollution.


1. Eat vitamin C rich food :

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It is the best proven antioxidant for the body.It also contributes to vitamin E regeneration. This water soluble vitamin is present throughout our body and it scavenges free radicals.Adults require 40 mg of this vitamin/day. Vegetables like coriander leaves, parsley drumsticks, cabbage and turnip greens are good sources of vitamin C.Drinking lemon juice everyday can boost vitamin C level in the body.Fruits rich in vitamin C are amla and guava.

2. Avoid jogging in the polluted area:

Avoid running, jogging or exercising in the polluted areas or areas full of traffic. Exercises like jogging and running require a lot of intake of oxygen(air). This process makes the polluted air go in excess which in turn can make a person feel dizzy or can cause breathing problems.

3. Wear face masks :

Image result for face masksMasks do not completely fight pollution but they definitely reduce the amount of polluted particles breathed by us. The cheapest and best masks available are cloth masks with exhalation valves.

4. Avoid smoking :

Image result for smokingSmoking causes lung diseases by the airways and the alveoli found in lungs. Smoking not only harms the individual who smokes but the people around him\her as well. Contribute to save the environment and avoid smoking. Smoking also causes several autoimmune diseases, including Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis. It may also play a role in periodic flare-ups of signs and symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Smoking doubles your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Take indoor precaution :

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Keep the door and windows of your house closed so that the rapidity of penetration of smoke is reduced. If the area around your house is smoke free then open the doors and windows. This will help in improving the indoor air quality of your house. You can also opt for window mesh screens which will act as a filter against dust particles.

Stay healthy and safe 🙂


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