Roses | The Real Meaning Behind 11 Rose Colour

There is no convenient way to convey the full-hearted message other than the classic roses. Roses create an exceptional symbol of love and affection. However be contingent on their colours can have a separate meaning. Whether choosing it for a family member, friend or for someone special. Selecting a perfect colour to be a tremendous way to deliver feelings or message without using words. To support the choice of sender we came with the different meaning of rose colours. As well as to aid the rose tradition of complimenting the receiver. 

What Do Different Rose Colour Specifically Mean

While thinking about a rose colour, must determine that what message or feelings are going to relay. Whether the message is for a friend, or for someone who is near to heart sender must explore the meaning of the colours. To tell the truth jump to the versatile colour you love.

  • White roses
  • Yellow roses
  • Ivory roses
  • Pink roses
  • Peach roses
  • Orange roses
  • Lavender roses
  • Red roses
  • Green roses
  • Black roses
  • Blue roses
  • Mixed colour roses
  • Multicoloured roses

1. White Roses

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Speaking about white roses they are typically bounded with new startings and marriages. But their charm has also built a gesture of remembrance. They are best suited to respectful occasions on the ground of honouring a friend or to someone special on the event of farewell as well as on a new beginning. The pure colour of white roses conveys respect, expresses best wishes for the future as well as pays respect to new arrivals in life. Lastly, when the events call for the deep respect a beautiful bunch of white roses is an ideal way to say “ I am thinking of you” or “I wish if you were here”.

White roses often represent- Innocence, Purity and Youthfulness

2. Ivory Roses

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Ivory while by the same token is an offwhite colour. It appears like a bit darker shade than white. However it gives a thought of eggshell or like a cream colour. These roses are used to represent glamour as well as a gift for someone. Who is having a magnificent taste and preference or style. As a result ivory roses would be a perfect choice for letting people know you care for them with no romantic feelings.

Ivory roses often represent- Thoughtfulness, Gracefulness, Richness, Perfection and Elegance

3. Yellow Roses


In particular yellow roses once are the symbol of greed and jealousy. When in fact now it represents care and friendship. In the same way, giving yellow roses to someone conveys the gesture of affection and warmth. It can be a special way to manifest charm. Eventually, yellow roses are the symbol of a warm memory and a gesture of appreciation to others. 

Yellow roses often represent- Care, Remembrance and Friendship

4. Peach Roses

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Peach roses express gratitude and are known for presenting gratefulness. Eventually, these used to celebrate professional deals and also showcase the symbol of loyalty. Hence these are used to surprise because of its warm colour. In all these roses are a wonderful present for demonstrating adoration to a friend or a near one. 

Peach roses often represent- Sympathy, Modesty and Genuineness. 

5. Orange Roses

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Starting from their dazzling vitality orange roses are considered as the feral baby of the rose family. These roses stand for pride and fascination. Even if the feelings are bubbling up with passion and gratitude than the orange roses will catch the vibes of both elegance and oomph.

Orange roses often represent- Love, Desire and Passion

6. Pink Roses

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Starting with the vintage look of the pink roses, which represents the sign of elegance and grace. These are a token of appreciation and admiration. Due to the gentle or humble nature of the pink roses, they directly conveys the gesture or feelings of grace. Either they are for colleague or for fiance a bouquet of pink roses will establish a shinning spot in someones day. 

Pink roses often represent- Admiration, Joy and Sweetness

7. Red Roses

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These are the symbol of perfection, Love and beauty. Red roses are used to say “I Love You” to express the feeling of love. These are associated with strong romantic love and passion for another person. Whether it is valentine day, birthday or anniversary, there is no any perfect pathway than a beautiful bouquet to express feelings.

Red roses often represent- Passion and Ultimate Love

8. Lavender Roses

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These roses are seen in spring season. Lavender roses are the symbol of love at first sight. These roses manifest adoration and fascination. Lavender roses are too beautiful that they are known to send magic. The meaning of these roses can be differed by their shade. Where the lighter shade is a symbol of “Love At First Sight” on the other hand darker shade express a sense of splendour and majesty. 

Lavender roses often represent- Fascination, Love and Majesty

9. Green Roses

Green roses are the symbol of fertility, harmony and opulence. Like lavender roses grow in spring season and are reborn every year, in the same way, green roses represent the gesture of best wishes to someone for good health as well as for a healthy new life. 

Green roses often represent- Health, Harmony and Peace

10. Blue Roses

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Like black roses, blue roses also stands for illusion and mystery. In other words, these roses express the ultimate and deep desire of love & lust. Blue roses can be given as a gift to someone special, who is near to heart, like- fiance, better half, or girlfriend. They also symbolises deep favour and unattainable love. 

Blue roses often represent- Unfathomable Favor, Mystery, Desire and Lust.

11. Black Roses

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However black roses are the symbol of death, termination of feelings, or end of relationship and idea. Thus, these are seen in Halloween parties which are usually celebrated by the people of Christian origin to ward off the ghost. Likewise blue roses, these roses are not found too easily. So, they stand for the elusiveness and mystery. Spooky..!! If someone is receiving black roses that will represent the end of relations or death. 

Black roses often represent- Death, Farewell and End of Relations

At last if a person has to decide the message they want to convey to their loved ones through roses. There are some more elements which the sender must take care for:-

  1. Firstly whether they want to give a single rose or a bouquet.
  2. Secondly a petite or a long-stemmed rose.
  3. Lastly the presentation of the roses.
Kritika Gupta
Kritika Gupta
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