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10 High School movies which will take you down the memory lane

Do you ever find yourself pondering about your evergreen high school days? Non-stop classes, annoyingly persistent teachers, passing notes without getting caught and best of all – crushes! I don’t think any of us will ever get over the innocence of that golden period. We were all so naïve and hopeful only to have life knock us over now. Worry not, here are ten high school movies that will emphatically take you back to your cherished high school days.

  1. A Walk To Remember

 The plot orbits around Landon Carter, who has known Jaime Sullivan his whole life. His cool kid status, however, hinders him from getting to know her. When he tries to pull off a dare because of teen peer pressure, he ends up hospitalising a young guy. He is thrust into community service, must partake in the school play and has to tutor math to resistant kids as punishment. And that’s when he truly gets to know Jaime. Laced with its fair share of poignancy and romance, this movie is a must watch.

  1. The Breakfast Club


The breakfast club was the crème de la crème in 80’s fare. Some people claim it  as melodramatic and overrated. But if they truly recall their high school days, they would do well to remember the social ruptures and hierarchy. The story is about five high school kids, each of them unique in their own way. They end up in detention together and share their deepest secrets with one another. Little did they know that they had a lot more in common than they thought. Treat yourself to this sweet movie and reminisce that amazing high school phase.

  1. 10 Things I Hate About You

 Kat Stratford, a temperamental and feminist high school senior has a popular little sister. Problem is, Bianca can’t start dating until her older sister does.  Loosely based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, this high school version is worth every minute of your time. Watch out for Heath Ledger’s alluring performance and try not to drool while you’re at it.




  1. Easy A


When Olive lies about losing her virginity to her “friend”, things escalate quickly and she is labelled a slut. She embraces the title and flaunts around the campus with a crimson “A” on her chest. A modern-day take on the Scarlet letter, Easy A is easily lovable and wacky. Just what you need on a Friday evening, kick back and enjoy this light-hearted movie.

  1. 17 Again

 Would you accept a second chance from your spirit guide to rewriting your life since high school? Mike O’Donnell did just that! Determined to alter the unfortunate events in his life after getting the perfect chance, Mike relives his life from his high school senior year. Hilariously scripted, clichéd yet enjoyable, Zac Efron does not fail to captivate your attention. His desperation to fit into the present generation of teens will evidently get you cracking.

  1. The DUFF


Bianca Piper’s perspective on high school life changes drastically when someone breaks to her that she is the DUFF. DUFF – Designated Ugly Fat Friend is used to brand a group member who is less attractive than their counterparts. With the help of her neighbour, Wesley Rush, she decides to reinvent herself. Poke around the social hierarchy that presides over the teenagers in their school. Robbie Amell’s performance as the “Jock” breaks the usual stereotypical depiction. Sassy Mae Whitman’s character will keep you glued to your seat because she is funny as hell.

  1. Mean Girls

 Cady Heron is a home-schooled kid until a whirlwind sweeps her over. That’s right, she attends an actual high school for the first time. The royal clique takes a liking to her and she becomes a part of their exclusive group. Only to steal the heart of a certain ex-boyfriend of Queen Bee herself.

This movie was practically the trendsetter for all the other high school movies that followed. If you’re looking for teen drama, romance and heartbreak, you have come to the right place.

  1. She’s All That


Getting aboard the bandwagon of the classic 10 Things is this movie. Freddie Prince Jr. plays the typical “Jock” who makes a bet with his buddies. A bet to turn the most attractive girl in school into the school’s prom queen. Yeah, we have all heard that before. But the little heart-tugging things he does for her are adorable and worth the watch.


  1. 21 Jump Street

Two underachieving cops must attend high school on an undercover drug bust case. What ensues later is the crazy part as the guys desperately try to fit in. Although this is a buddy cop movie, this film unquestionably belongs in this list. Channing Tatum’s phenomenally amusing character holds a stand till the end. In short, you should watch it if you want to cackle till your insides hurt.

  1. Not Another Teen Movie


A parody of all the high school teen movies of the past two decades. That pretty much sums up the entire movie. But the mockery of all that sassy high school drama is a definite heart-warmer. Chris Evans plays the lead of the coveted “jock” and Chyler Leigh, the introvert and hideous (pretty) girl. It is uproarious to see Evans making a fool of himself prior to his Captain America embodiment.



So, are you ready to take a walk down the memory lane with this top ten list of high school movies? Get ready to laugh your rear off and bawl your eyes out, all at the same time.

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