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Perks of Living in a Joint Family

We being the younger generation need our space, time, and have certain needs. Most of the families, nowadays are a nuclear family and somehow, we all are forgetting the benefits of living in a joint family. Having so people around and in one particular house might be a little chaotic but having someone around has its benefits. Inter-disputes and in-adjustable nature are the biggest cause of turning a joint family into a nuclear family. People living in a joint family are found to be more delightful and cheerful than the ones living in a nuclear family. They are more helpful. So if case you needed to know what are the real perks of living in a joint family, check out the list below.

Home Security

Is your family going on a vacation or a trip? Don’t worry, the home is in the safer hands of other families. You can enjoy the trip without having to worry a single time about the house. It is as neat and clean as it was when you and your family left. The rooms are still locked and your stuff remains untouched. The thieves have now blacklisted your house, for you always have someone roaming and dancing around the house. You get tea and coffee prepared already when you came back from the most exciting yet tiring trip.

Bigger Family, Better Events

Why need someone else when you have a whole cricket team ready in your own house. While going in a function, you never count your family as 4 or 5 but as 8 or 10. Birthdays have real fun as you have your big family ever ready so you never run out of people or friends even during the lockdown. There are always many hands involved to make any occasion successful. Also, so many people mean so many occasions including birthdays and anniversaries ultimately having more cakes. So your house turns into a party club almost every month.


Elder the homies, better the ideas. Who needs a counselor when your home is filled with well -educated people? Be it the occasion, study-related, home renovation, or any other serious or hilarious discussion, everyone’s opinion matters and each person has the right to provide with their feedback. Having so many creative ideas makes your family the most creative and best decision-maker.

Their relatives are your relatives

You never really felt shy in front of their relatives. Sometimes your cousin’s cousins are more close and familiar with you than your cousin and trust me, it is a feeling of pride and happiness. They trust you and what can be better than having people who trust you. Whether it is your relative’s visit or theirs, you treat them like yours. Everyone knows each other and it leads to a bigger family gathering filled with joy and laughter.

More cousins, More fun

Even if you are a single child, you never really felt like that. You and your cousins are enough to make two big separate teams and play any game. You hardly made any friends out in your locality because you have the best and the funniest team ready in your house. Making plans to scare someone, fight for one of your cousins, or hosting an event, you guys are the best. You found your best friend in your cousins who keep all your secrets and save you every time you got yourself in trouble.

Loneliness has no space for you

Anxiety, loneliness, depression have no place in your heart and room. If they insist to enter into your room, your cousins are all set with piles of laughter and memes as weapons to kick them out of your aura. Feeling bored? Enter in their room without knocking. Feeling like punching someone? You have them as a punching bag.

Sharing is the real caring

Pizza slices are always cut into pieces according to your family members with a count who ate how many slices. Cakes are being shared and there is always a fight for the last piece because naturally, it looks more delicious now. Not only food, but the dresses, makeup, and sometimes even shoes are being shared to slay on any date or at a party. So, basically, you always have stock ready for anything.

You have people to look after you

Feeling sick or low? Suddenly your room is filled with all the home remedies being prepared by mothers and tablets bought by fathers and entertainment by cousins. You hardly feel sick anymore and feel so grateful to have them in your life. You end up making plans for weekends or road trips after two days because they will never let you stay sick for long.

Same upbringing, different streams

Going to enter into the real-world or thinking of changing stream? You have people ready with all the experiences from different fields to help you start your journey. You have science, commerce, arts, and other streams or even business in your house that it feels like you have a complete education system running in the house. Nevertheless, their advises are always right. Take as much as you can from them.

You have their back

Lastly, no matter what happens, you have got their back like always. They are there to fight for you, help you, explain to you certain things, saving your secrets, and loving you unconditionally. Love them back, sometimes they need you too. Feel blessed to have such an amazing and big family.

Having family around is more fun than we think. Stay connected with your loved ones even if you don’t live in a joint family. Have regular meetups, enjoy weekends, plan a trip together, and live a happy life. What are you waiting for? Go hug them or make a phone call.

 A family that eats together, plays together, stays together.

I am a writer, an artist and a dance lover. I believe when words fail to express, that is when the art comes in.


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