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Everyday Skincare Routine – A Mini Guide for Beginners

Who doesn’t love a clear, smooth and healthy skin? In fact, it’s a boon for most of us to have a skin that looks naturally glowing sans makeup. Your skin, just like your body, needs proper nourishment every day to stay healthy. An everyday skincare routine is the only secret for this. A basic skincare routine not only softens your skin, but also protects it from untimely aging, sagging, and from your not-so-friendly visitors like acne, pimples, and blackheads.  

If your everyday skincare routine consists of homemade products, then nothing can beat the magic you derive from it. But if you are a working woman and have hardly any time even to cook, you can have your basic skincare routine set from the store. But assure yourself not to cheat your skin with those eye-darkening chemical products infused with alcohol, paraben and many more. Always make your everyday skincare routine as natural and organic as possible.

Most of the times you have an eagle’s eye for that perfect product for your skin, but you are confused about the basic skincare routine steps that will give you appropriate results. The common rule of thumb for a skincare routine is to apply from thinnest to thickest. You will understand this after you read the steps given below. Follow these 3 steps of a basic skin care routine for healthy and glowing skin.

STEP 1 of your everyday skincare routine – Cleansing

Honest to its name, a cleanser cleanses your skin and removes the extra layers of dirt, grime, and impurity glued to your skin. It dissolves all the superficial impurities. It is just like crossing the first level of a game and making way for the second one.

How to apply                                                

  • Wash your face and neck properly with water and wipe it with cotton.
  • Then take a little amount of cleanser on your palm and apply it all over your face and neck.
  • After some seconds, wipe your skin with a cotton pad.

Which cleanser does your skin need?

It is recommended to select your cleanser according to your skin type. But there are certain cleansers that are applicable to all skin types, without producing any side effects. I have listed a few organic cleansers that you can try as a part of your everyday skincare routine. I have also mentioned some facewashes along with cleansers as they have a similar function to that of cleansers. The only difference is that you just have to wash your face instead of wiping it.

  • Lotus Professional Hydravitals Milk Enzymes & Turmeric Moisturising Cleanser(All skin types)
  • Biotique Bio Honey Gel Cleanser (All skin types)
  • Indian rose face wash with turmeric and honey – Soultree (Dry to normal skin)
  • Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser for Dry Sensitive Skin

Now your facial skin is ready for the next step treatment.

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STEP 2 of your everyday skincare routine – Toning

This basic skincare routine supplements your skin with its powerful formula that balances your complexion and nourishes it. The hyaluronic acids present in toners keep the skin hydrated and act as a barrier for moisture loss. Other effective ingredients are rose water (in some toners, as they produce a calming effect) and Vitamin C and E that prevents the skin from fast aging. In simple words, you can say that a toner is a booster pack for absorbing incorporating nutrients into your skin.


How to apply

  • Open the cap of your toner and spray it in small quick mists all over your face and a little bit on your neck also.
  • Or you can also spray or pour it on a cotton pad and let the cotton absorb it properly.
  • Then dab it all over your face without wiping. Wait for a minute for the toner to completely soak into your skin.

Note that your hands should be clean while applying toner.

Some best herbal toners you can use:-

  • Lotus PROFESSIONAL PHYTO-Rx Clarifying and soothing and daily Toner
  • Oriflame Sweden Love Nature Face Toner Aloe Vera
  • Lotus Herbal toner (Rose petals and basil)
  • Oshea Herbals TEA TREE FRESH Facial Toner

Above are some of the effective skin toners that will rejuvenate your skin and bring you closer to nature with their classic organic formula.

Some toners like the Lotus herbal toner can be used as a cleanser as well as toner. You don’t need to use a separate cleanser if you use this one.  

STEP 3 of your everyday skincare routine – Moisturizing

This is the most essential part of a basic skincare routine, without which your whole skincare routine loses substance. Honestly, it’s a savior for people having dry skin. Moisturiser reserves water in stratum corneum, the outermost layer of your skin. Our skin loses moisture as we age; hence, doctors recommend moisturizers for us because of its hydrating and softening property. Some moisturizers are equipped with Sun Protection Factors that protect your skin from the harmful ultra-violet rays emitted from the sun. For best results, you should apply moisturizer twice every day as a part of your basic skincare routine.

 How to apply

After the cleansing and toning ritual comes the moisturizing part. Take a coin-sized amount of your chosen moisturizer and apply it evenly over your face and neck, except the eyes.

Take your pick

  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Combination Skin
  • Nivea Soft Light Moisturiser
  • Lotus Organics+ Divine Nutritive Crème
  • Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
  • Plum E Luminance Deep Moisturizing Cream

Advanced skincare routine

Let me give you a glimpse of the advanced skincare routine. A few add-ons are:-

Serum treatment

This comes after the second step of your basic skincare routine i.e. just after toning. Serums are an elixir for your dark spots, acne, pimples and other facial foes. Its powerful antioxidant formula contains active ingredients which penetrate deep into your skin and repair it from within. Many people choose not to apply this, but these highly concentrated liquids really do wonders to your skin when applied appropriately. However, you have the choice to not use this if you are following a basic skincare routine.

Screening with sunscreen

A last but not the least step of your skincare routine, sunscreen is a blessing for us when the mercury level is at its peak. After moisturizing the skin thoroughly, take two tablespoons of sunscreen and apply it all over your face and other exposed areas of your body. The higher the Sun Protection Factor your sunscreen holds the more protection it imparts, to your skin. Apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before you get exposed to the sun for best results.

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Eye cream

If you got a dark circle under your eyes or a crowfoot, then you have landed on the right step of a skincare routine. Eye creams wane your dark circles and give you that luscious glow to your beautiful eyes. They also aid in anti-aging, making your eyes look more young and pretty.

Although the above steps are more likely to be applicable for a daytime skincare routine, your nighttime skin routine is less complicated. It consists of only the three basic steps of an everyday skincare routine, i.e. cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Instead of day cream, choose a proper night cream as a part of your nighttime skincare routine. So what are you thinking beautiful ladies, go and grab your perfect skincare routine set from your cart list?    

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