Ten Best Fashion and makeup bloggers in India you need to follow


Every girl wants to look beautiful. Up-to-date knowledge of makeup and beauty can do wonders. Girls and ladies are fond of applying makeup, knowing the latest fashion hacks and many more things. Technology provides us with so many ways to explore fashion and beauty tips. Ladies find YouTube as the best medium to search for Fashion and beauty. Many YouTubers are giving good knowledge of fashion makeup and beauty. They explain so well about home remedies, fashion sense, makeup, fashion hauls, DIYs, celebrity inspired makeup and grooming. In this blog, we will discuss the ten best fashion and makeup bloggers in India that you need to follow.


She is a fashion and beauty blogger from Delhi, India. She owns two channels. The first channel is Perkymegs and the second one is Perkymegs Hindi. At the request of her viewers, she started the second channel. Today the channel has more subscribers than the first one. She posts one video per week. She has almost 1.06 M subscribers on Perkymegs Hindi. She joined this channel on Dec 1, 2017, and the channel is gaining popularity day by day.

Sejal Kumar

Sejal hails from Delhi. She started her channel on Aug 14 2012. She loves to create fashion and lifestyle videos. She is not only a YouTuber but also she is a blogger. She has 1.21 M subscribers on YouTube. College going girls love her fashion sense. Mostly, 15-35 year age group ladies watch her channel. She achieved so many awards of Fashion. She won the best Vlog award 2018 in the cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2018 and lifestyle blogger in 2019.

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Komal Pandey

Pandey started her channel on Aug 27, 2017. Komal Pandey gained immense popularity after her time at PopXO. She later started her channel by the name of “Komal Pandey”. Komal gives the best fashion ideas, tips, and tricks. She also tells the best fashion tips and outfit ideas. She has almost 896k subscribers. She describes the different ways of styling sarees and other outfits.

Ankita Chaturvedi

Ankita has 662K subscribers on Youtube. She joined YouTube on Sept 27, 2011. She makes very good videos on makeup and Fashion. Her channel name is Corallista. She is very popular on YouTube. Her way of giving a demonstration of makeup is very nice. She has done Engineering but chose Youtube as a career.

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Shreya Jain

Shreya is one of the best Fashion YouTuber. She joined YouTube on Aug 28, 2010. She has 574K subscribers. She makes videos on celebrity inspired makeup. She has recently collaborated with cosmetic brand YBP, and after that, she launched her product YBP line.

Smitha Deepak

Deepak is from San Francisco, California. She publishes videos on makeup every Tuesday and Thursday on Fashion, beauty, skincare, haircare, makeup and hauls. She does very fine makeup. Usually she makes videos on celebrity inspired makeup. She imitates the makeup of the celebrities in the same way. She has started her YouTube channel on Feb 8, 2009. She has 1.04 M subscribers.

Aashna Shroff

Shroff is one of the finest Fashion YouTuber. She gives several tips on Fashion and makeup. You can follow her on YouTube for getting multiple ideas on Fashion, beauty, and makeup. She usually shares her fashion tips, makeup tutorials and shopping experiences in her blog. She has 171K subscribers. She joined youtube on Nov 25, 2013.

Prachi Aggarwal

Aggarwal joined YouTube on Dec 24, 2011. Her channel name is super wow style. She has 1.3 M subscribers. She has given immense ideas on nail art. If you love nail art, you should follow her channel. She makes a lot of videos on DIYs as well. She also makes a vlog on natural remedies. She is from Banglore, India.

Dhwani Bhatt

Bhatt is from Mumbai, India. She joined YouTube on Apr 15, 2014. Her channel has 153K subscribers. She posts videos and blogs on Monday and Friday. She makes DIY videos, videos on fashion hauls and lifestyle videos as well. She loves to make videos on Fashion on different occasions.

Komal Khulbe

Komal Khulbe is a Delhi Fashion Blogger. Her channel name is KomalJi. She started her YouTube channel on Dec 5, 2011. She makes videos on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and DIYs. She has videos that include haircare, skincare, lookbooks, makeup & also a series known as #KomalTalks, in which she talks about various things.

Fashion has changed the outlook of your personality. In this trendy era, you should be aware of current fashion and makeup. In this blog, we described ten best fashion and makeup bloggers in India that you need to follow. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask me in the comment section.