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10 ways by which Homemakers can turn to Entrepreneurs and much more!

Are you bored doing routine work at home? Be it, housewife or househusband, you might be thinking of doing something to enrich your life. Kudos to your work which you are doing at your home right now! It can be anything like cooking, washing clothes, taking care of children, and so on. But at some point in time, you want to give time for yourself too which is important. You also might be feeling to earn. This is because several jobs are paying less. So, there comes the need of earning a second income for homemakers to run your family well. In the pandemic like situation, there are many jobs cut and salary issues. But you need not worry as all you can do is start working according to your skills and interest.

Check out the 10 most effective ways which you can pursue from home!

1. Take tuitions for students

Women are getting educated equally as men. But after marriage, many housewives leave their job just to look after their family. Also, in some cases, househusbands leave their job for this purpose. But the education which you have imbibed in you should not go waste. Rather it can be used for taking home tuition for school and college-going students. In fact, many parents don’t get sufficient time to teach their children due to their hectic work schedules. Thereby, tuition can help them and can be done easily at your home when you have some free time. This will result in earning a decent income for you and you don’t need any initial capital for it.

2. Open a Daycare center

This is one of the best ideas for homemakers if they like spending time with children. Especially for housewives, this idea works great where you can take care of other children, babies, toddlers, or school-going children. In a day, there are specific timings where the parent tends to give their children to the Daycare while going to offices.

3. Be nutrition and health guide

Nowadays, people are busy in their life so much that they don’t have time for deciding what to eat, take care of their physical or mental health and so on. There are many homemakers who are certified dieticians, physicians, psychiatrists who don’t like to go out and work. This is an amazing opportunity for you all to value the learnings and help people for making their life fit and stable. People either can visit you at home or you can even guide through online video sessions.

4. Create handmade creative products

The creative talent in you will surely fetch you good income by your handmade products. You will achieve flying colors in this if your hobby is arts and crafts. You can make handmade products like wall hangings, stickers, jewelry, soft toys, doodles, sculptures, soaps, sweaters, candles, vase, and so on. If you are good at art, you can make beautiful sketches, and paintings and earn a good income from it. You can also try making decorative gift baskets and gift cards. Also, during the festive season, you can try to opt for making diyas, rakhis, and friendship bands. But the problem comes, how to sell these? There are many platforms like Instagram, Amazon, ArtFire, Etsy and so on which offers to sell your products by their websites. After you get established well in the market, you can even try to start your own website and promote it via social media.

5. Start Affiliate Marketing

Homemakers have the coolest option in Affiliate Marketing for earning money by embracing the performance-based model. The matter of fact is that you can sell other company’s product and services through your contacts. You don’t require any presence in a physical store. You will just need to procure products with you and sell further. Many companies follow this like Amazon, Flipkart, and so on. You earn some amount of commission after selling the products. It can be done offline also for wholesale products like dress materials, sarees, bedsheets, curtains, pillow covers, and so on.

6. Be an influencer or take online classes

Social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat brings a lot of opportunities to turn to an influencer in your interest areas. You can put up travel vlogs, makeup tutorials, recipe videos, hobby ideas, and so on these and get popular. Also, if you have learned something like singing, dancing, yoga, and zumba, you can start taking online classes and earn fairly good.

7. Cooking and baking service

Do you love lip-smacking home-cooked food? The majority of them will agree on this. So, homemakers and chefs who are not working in a restaurant can make use of this chance by making food at their homes. If you have stupendous culinary skills, get ready for this. You can make a variety of dishes ranging from curries, daal, and rice to pav bhaji, chole bature, and pasta. Also, if you have baking skills, you can make delicious cakes pastries, rolls, and much more. Abundant opportunities are available for selling these foods like dabbawalas, online websites, cafes, and also offices. As many of the offices going people love home-cooked food, large orders can be given by the offices as well.

8. Think of writing and blogging

Attention to all the writers! If you love to write, you can easily write good books, novels, tutorials book, and DIY books and publish them online and can earn pretty good money through this. Also, you can work as a freelancer and write articles and blogs online. You just need a good internet connection and writing skills. You can even write in many different languages and for renowned magazines and newspapers. There is also scope for doing content-writing and copyrighting if you are keen to write expressively.

9. Set up a beauty parlor

Many college going girls and office going girls spend a huge amount of money to look good. For housewives, this is a browny point to open parlors. You can get certified in the beauty segment by joining a training institute. So, setting up a beauty parlor at your house is the best thing which you can do. Also, for househusbands, this is the chance to leverage your skills if you are a professional beauty expert and hairstylist.

10. Adopt any online options

Working online is a very legitimate idea for homemakers. This can be in the fields like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consulting, online surveying, online data entry, web designing, and much more. There are many companies like MySruvey, OnePoll, Swagbucks, and so on where you can register for online surveying.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of these and start taking benefit from it and live a happy life!

Shrutika Thete
Shrutika Thete
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