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20 Amazing Tips To Utilize The Lockdown Better

The unprecedented global shutdown today is a result of the coronavirus pandemic. It has left many of us in the middle of our long term goals and plans for shaping our career and put up with good health. Life planning is not recent, however, the tools that we share in this article might seem to be. 

This lockdown is all about organizing time, the moral justification dominating the philosophy, and thinking of many probable offers. Many of you might have heard about the principle of teleology. The entire moral justification and time organization with a dominated philosophical thinking revolves around this concept. 

According to the principle, the purposes that strike us include a theory of morality. As of now, when we are in the middle of a pandemic and this concept is what the justification is all about. It tells us to drive the good until we achieve the end. 

For those who had long term goals this year, we have listed a few ways in which you can reorient them. It may help you follow a different way than the one you had already planned for. However, it will at least help you keep ahold of your work and not miss them unnecessarily.

Your Intentions 

It is important to build a plan with intentions. It is quite obvious for you to have had plans with a clear concept and have outlined the ways to do it, had there not been a crisis. However, even though we are stuck, make sure you have your intentions clear to complete them. The current plans may seem suddenly unnecessary or trivial, make sure your intentions do not sleep away.

For those who work from home, freelance workers or seasonal workers are quite familiar with the importance of routine. Keep your intentions like your routine and get ready to work with them. Take the time as an opportunity to teach yourself a new skill. Keep on the learning behavior and this, in turn, will help to keep your intentions clear. 

New Skill 

If you are keen on learning a new skill, take an opportunity to learn collectively. Make sure to not lose the intention to continue. Today’s online world of teaching has opportunities for millions. Once you seek an opportunity with an ongoing habit, there will be greater possibilities. 

20 Amazing Tips To Utilize The Lockdown Better
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Pull yourself together and revisit a task that may land you up in a whole new habit of another good behavior. You may feel, at once, to try it with a constant approach. Lookup for consistency, achieve what you plan on. 


Make sure to keep the numbers that are achievable. Do not overboard yourself. Prioritize the activities that seem achievable. This will help you once the situation is over. Isolation is tempting and learning something new releases you from the temptation. However, may build frustration of goals that are out of reach. 

A new skill is exasperating, this frustration will lead you to your physical and better mental abilities. Complete a simple stitch, do not let the tendency to give up a win over your capabilities. Avoid a negative outcome and think positive.

Focus Clear 

Focussing on things you cannot control causes dissertation. Managing the virus is out of your control and what happening outside is well taken care of by the government. Your thoughts, temptations, and vexation can control you and the negative emotions, thereby upsetting the development.

But you can obviously control the response you choose to show. Make sure you go for a bath and give yourself the treat that you can avail of. Just focus on the present once, and do not think about the future. Sway with what comes along, and you may land up controlling the little things that contribute to positive health, mind, and body. 

Family Goals 

Your goals must be shared with your family. Not only an individual but the entire family share the anxiety. You can overcome this by setting goals for the entire family. You don’t have to worry about the things you can do after the outbreak or how to meet your financial needs and family businesses. 

Set goals according to the current situation. For example, how you get through the entire situation together. Living clean and tidy should be your current preference. Try to reorganize, motivate a member, learn a new skill and develop a hobby that is common for the entire family. 

Talk about what you can enjoy the most and develop methods of coping creativity is a powerful tool for building resilience it will help you overcome the situation together and you may land up with new skills new ways of doing the same task that you do every day.


Your feelings need reorganization. The anxiety for the current situation pulls you back and demotivates you for the future. It is completely normal to feel sad and anxious at the same time. Emotional distress can be summarised as a negative sentiment. 

Your worries, queries, and concerns are well taken care of by the government of your state. Focus on what is asked from you. Reorganize your feelings and live for the present. This will not only help you release the toxins of your mind but also it will make you feel composed and give you the courage to fight back. 

Keep Up A Healthy Expression

Healthy expression is needed your sadness and anxiety have a valid reason however make sure to express it carefully. Every expression of your sadness does not need to be distressful. Your emotional distress may trigger anxiety in a person who had not been anxious previously. 

Talk about what you can enjoy the most and develop methods of coping. Creativity is a powerful tool for building resilience. It will help you overcome the situation together and you may land up with new skills, new ways of doing the same task that you do every day.

Physical & Mental Activeness

The current situation restrained you from going for the sports that you have been enjoying so far. You may not be able to swim, go hit the gym or even get on the terrace of your apartment. 

YouTube channels show fitness and work out at home. There are physical abilities you may not know about, for example, Zumba dancing, yoga, tai chi, and many other activities. The library is not accessible, however, you may access the books online. Musical instruments at home may help you build up an environment of relaxation.

Mental Health

Address mental health issues if you usually suffer from them. Mental Instability may worry you more during this time of the pandemic. You may start eating too much or eat nothing at all. You may be suffering from suicidal thoughts, headaches, tensions, and frequent impulses of nervousness and also hurt someone with your words. 

These are nothing but your triggers and signs of a mental issue. The triggers might be disturbing you internally which is your expression on the outer side. It tends to affect those that are present around you. 

Try talking about these symptoms with another family member and co-ordinate for a solution. This will not only give you time together but also address any of the prevailing concerns that you might be dealing with.

The Act Of Positivity

Positivity is in opening up. Your friends and family are the ones who you can rely on. Talking with others helps in understanding the situation is common for everyone at this point. It may help you talk about the safety plan for yourself along with the family. If you see professionals available to help online or you can reach them via phone, do not hesitate to contact them. 

This will help you externalize your emotions and feelings, instead of living overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Your dark thoughts can just be replaced with the simple deed of sharing your anxiety with someone. Your aim should be to reduce the risk and reach out to people who can be of your help. 

Love And Care

Even if you are piling up your inner self with anxiety and distress. Make your external appearance kind enough to be caring for others. Make others happy. This will release endorphins in the brain and make you composed.

If your social connections are available over the phone do not disconnect your relationship with them. The vulnerability of an emotional connection can kill more than the virus spreading across. Also for those who live alone, we find it difficult to cope up with these situations. A simple message or a question of concern can turn out to be helpful and powering people who need moral and social support. 

Believe – It is important to believe in yourself. The current situation is not worse than the world war and the great depression that few other countries have gone through. They have been into more social trauma and gone through it and so will we. It is important to have faith and believe in yourself. 

Keep yourself connected to the learning activities and creativity if you have been dealing with a psychotherapist. Do not fail to connect with them if you think you need them in the current situation. 

Most of us working the nine to five shift do not find ample time to give our creativity a wing. In this lockdown, you can bring out the creativeness that you have been yearning so far. Follow the below tips to bring some peace.

20 Amazing Tips To Utilize The Lockdown Better
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The bookworm in you may find its way now. Besides being the most peaceful entertainer, it can be used to pass time simply. You will enhance knowledge of culture, history, society and also about people. Reading books makes a person empathetic and also smart. This tough time shall pass smoothly.


Indulge yourself in some care with home remedies. Give yourself a good head massage, a glowing face pack with the ingredients available at home. For example, just a tablespoon of lemon juice with turmeric powder is enough for glowing disease-free skin.

20 Amazing Tips To Utilize The Lockdown Better
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Work out well. 3 simple exercises for 10 minutes each cover a 30-minute workout routine. Immunity is your medicine. In this phase of lockdown, a workout may become an irresistible habit. A habit needs no pressure on your mind and body. There are many yoga and fitness trainers available over the net and also their videos. Trust me this is going to be real fun. 

Down The Memory Lane

Your old photo albums may be missing your arrival. Try arranging them. Going over can bring you joy. Not only will your mind be relaxed but also improve your mood and make your content. Try sitting with the old pictures and travel back in time while connecting with the simpler days you had.

20 Amazing Tips To Utilize The Lockdown Better
Credit – Pexels

The Artist In You

Your childhood and the artist in you has faded away in no time. Your colors and musical instruments may be gathering dust in your closet. It’s time to dust it off and make it a habit to sit in front of your notes. Practice painting beautiful pictures and keep them for the time you can frame and paste on the wall. Your Katthak practice may be missing time, rearrange yourself and start practicing again. 

Skill Set

Increase the skills that you have. Online courses are available free of cost. You can also download the certificate once you complete them. For example, Stanford University’s online site online.Stanford.edu is among the most popular certification site today. Udemy and Khan Academy rank the second and third ones. Some of the other best online course sites include Skillshare, Coursera. Try building up your knowledge and gather some certifications to help yourself aim at a better job once the situation is gone.

Chef In The Making

Having trouble differentiating between food ingredients. Well, you can try cooking and specialize in your favorite food. Do not get frightened, cooking is not rocket science. Today with the channeling of videos on the Internet no recipe is hidden. Once you master a single dish you can easily draw down the easiest way to cook it. This way you can, later on, publish one in your own name so you two targets with a single Arrow. How fun is that?

Quit Bad Habits

Leave the bad habits behind if you have been a chain smoker or chain drinker, the current situation may help you get rid of it and also the anxiety it brings along. Because of the low production of alcohol and smoking items, you may not get these readily available or have to pay a bigger amount to claim one.

In spite of many trials you might not have been able to break through these, therefore it’s time to know your trigger. Capitalize on the life-altering changes and replace a bad habit with a good one. The lack of access to the items can finally push you the way you need to be. 

Greens To Live

Green can save the world hence start planting. If you have longed for a garden and you did not have time before, you can easily build one during this lockdown. Not only do plants make your home more aesthetic, but it also purifies the air and you may find a fun way to add items to your meals. 

Try growing vegetables that you need regularly. For example bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, onion, potato, and chilies. These items are fairly easy to grow. Herbs that you can grow easily include coriander, ginger, lemongrass, mint, and garlic. 

Leafy vegetables include lettuce and spinach. It takes 21 days’ time to make your dream a habit. One that had been a far-fetched dream previously may turn out to be a habit and you may find time for it in the middle of your busy schedule.

In the hope for a better tomorrow try jotting down your wish list once the lockdown is over. Make time and list the items that you may plan to do once we are through the situation. 

You can include selling the old items that you find while cleaning your house, meeting your friends over coffee, playing your favorite sport, and even just going walking in the park. Hence utilize the time you invest. All of this comes with a free gift of patience. Focus on the positive tasks you would discuss once you are back with your friends. Prepare the list, start afresh.

All the best!

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