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10 Best Sports Anime you can binge watch anytime

Sports anime, as the name suggests are loved by people of all ages. Due to the thrilling and exciting experience of athletes and players, it will always keep you on the edge. The best part of watching a sports anime is that it will make you fall in love with sports, whether it is Volleyball, basketball or baseball does not matter. You will automatically admire the characters and feel their each and every emotion to the core. Thus, here’s a list of top 10 sports anime that you can binge watch anytime:

10 Best Sports Anime you can binge watch anytime

This tells us about two determined and genius volleyball players of Karasuno High school. This great combo over the time period forms a great alliance in order to defeat Tobio Kageyama, known as “The King of court”. However, along with strategies and friendship, comes struggles and hurdles. Will they overcome them successfully despite the differences between them?

This anime has the power to make feel too many emotions at the same time. Each and every episode is exciting with powerful tactics.  Additionally, It will make you fall in love with Volleyball.

  • Yuri on Ice
10 Best Sports Anime you can binge watch anytime

This anime is about a Japanese figure skater Yuri who is unsure about his career after facing failure at Grand Prix final. However, a viral video of Yuri mimicking a Russian figure skater Victor Nikiforov;s routine opens a new challenge for him. The series unfolds with Victor’s enthusiasm to train Yuri as a coach much to his own coach and Yuri’s dismay.

This show is beautiful in so many ways. If you are looking for sports, romance and drama, all in one, go for it!!

  • Ace of Diamond
10 Best Sports Anime you can binge watch anytime

This tells us the story of a gifted genius baseball player, Eijun Sawamura. He has his own exceptional pitcher’s talent. His one and only goal are to become the ace of Seidou High School and make it to the nationals. Will he be able to make his dream come true? Will he overcome the hurdles and defeat his rivals?

The plot and intriguing matches keep you entertaining till the end. If you are up for some exciting baseball matches and rough and tough competition, it is your cup of tea.

  • The Prince of Tennis
10 Best Sports Anime you can binge watch anytime

Prince of Tennis is about an extraordinary tennis player, Ryoma who won four consecutive titles in American Junior Tennis tournaments. The story of this 12-year-old boy begins when he shifts to Japan and starts attending Seishun Academy Middle School or Seigaku. The entire series follows for the thrilling matches between Seigaku and other middle schools, Ryoma been the key player.

Though it’s old but quite interesting and inspiring. If you are up for a lengthy sports anime, then this will not disappoint you.

  • Captain Tsubasa

The story revolves around  Tsubasa Oozora and his football enthusiasm. It focuses on football matches, his relationship with friends, training, competition and how he deals with his rivals at various stages.

This anime has really done justice to the classic. If you grew up enjoying the classic, then go for it!

  • Slam Dunk
10 Best Sports Anime you can binge watch anytime

Slam Dunk is about a leader of a gang who desired to be a basketball player. Sakuragi Hanamichi joins the basketball team of Sohoku High school because of his crush on a certain girl. Later, he realizes that he is actually growing quite fond of the game. He and other teammates start working hard to fulfill the dream of their captain of winning the national championship.

The character development and their passionate love towards the game are incredible. It actually has the power to make you feel like going out and play basketball.

  • Kuroko’s Basketball
10 Best Sports Anime you can binge watch anytime

This story is about Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami of Teiko Middle School basketball team. Kagami is an extraordinary basketball player with powerful tactics. On the other hand, Kuroko has no skills but uses his lack of presence to make an impact. If you are up for some real basketball matches along with a roller coaster of emotions, watch this!

  • Hajime No Ippo

This focuses on the life of an ordinary High school student, Makunouchi Ippo. Other students bully for his distinct odor which he gets while helping his mother running their family fishing business. However, his life changes once he meets the boxer Takamura and decides to follow his footsteps. Thus, The journey of Ippo to become a successful boxer overcoming all the hardships and struggles will keep you excited until the end.

  • Ping Pong The Animation
10 Best Sports Anime you can binge watch anytime

Ping Pong is about the hardships and goals of five ping pong prodigies in the harshly competitive world. This is one of the most underrated sports anime. Moreover, the animation may seem not so appealing. But the amazing plot and characters will keep you till the end. Don’t judge it because of animation. It will give life lessons unexpectedly.

  • Air Gear
10 Best Sports Anime you can binge watch anytime

Air Gear is a story about Storm Riders who finds motoristic, futuristic inline skates, Airtrecks (AT). They are brave enough to tamper with the parts and use it to engage in competitive underground battles of this street sport.

Despite some clichéd anime characters, the impressive storyline, character development, and soundtrack will make you binge watch it. It may be a slow start but hooks you till the end.

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