10 Web Series That You Must Binge Watch This Summer

Do you already feel the lack of some binge-worthy series? Is your summer vacation boredom at its peak? No problem. Here’s the perfect solution. Let’s look at the top 10 Hindi web series that you must watch this summer to add fun to your boring holidays.

Made in Heaven

Set against the backdrop of big fat Indian weddings, the show tells the story of two wedding planners, Tara and Karan. The way Zoya Akhtar portrayed the clash between various social issues and modern aspirations is quite admirable. If you are craving for some modern realistic series, this one is perfect for you. It is available in Amazon Prime. It’s one of the most rated web series.


This Amazon Prime show focuses on the life of mafia dons who rule the lawless city of Mirzapur. If you love crime thrillers revolving around guns, power clash, gangsters, mafias and rivalry, then it is your cup of tea. This crime drama goes beyond the level of the familiar kind of thrillers. It will leave you speechless. This one is must watch web series.

The Final Call

The Final Call tells us the thrilling story of an airline officer, Kiran Mirza, and her ATS team. When their pilot decides to commit suicide, their bravery and commitment toward the safety of 300 passengers will make you feel proud and emotional at the same time. This web series is available in ZEE5 Premium.


This ZEE5 premium web series show story tells us the story of an investigative officer whose life is a constant struggle between his criminal mind and his duty to save innocent lives. If you are looking for a unique psychological thriller, then definitely go for this. The continuous conflict of the officer with his inner demons will make you go deep into his mind and thinking.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is based on the British television web series of the same name. It focuses on the life of a young man who gets accused of murder the morning after a one night stand. You should not miss the intense trials and struggles that he went through to prove his innocence. It makes it worth to watch. It’s available in Hotstar Premium

City of Dreams

If you are looking for a realistic political web series, you are in the right place. The City of Dreams, a Hotstar originals is about the clash of power and politics between the daughter and son of Gaikwad family. The dirty feud starts after an assassination attempt on their father, a major political figure in Mumbai. Politics, power struggle, greed, status, goons, family drama, etc. What else do you need?

Romil and Jugal

Romil and Jugal tells us the story of two men who fall in love with each other against the odds of society. If you are looking for a modern age drama in this Pride month, binge watch this amazing rom-com. You will definitely fall in love with the characters and the unique take of this web series on homosexuals. You can easily find this in ALTBalaji.


With all these trending crime thrillers such as Sacred Games and Mirzapur, Apharan definitely deserves a spot on your binge watch list. This show tells the story of a senior inspector who falls into a trap of dangerous conspiracy after kidnapping a girl on her demand. This web series is available in ALTBalaji.

The Test Case

Are you tired of all these gender biased saas-bahu TV series? Need a strong and independent female character? Take a look at the life of Captain Shikha Sharma and her journey to become the first female Combat officer. Her struggles, dedication, and determination against the odds of the male-dominated Army Academy will make you spellbound. It is an ALTBalaji web series.

Broken but Beautiful

This ALTBalaji show focuses on the life of a young man and woman whose lost and broken souls brought them together as an act of fate. The beautiful story of Veer and Sameera finding love in each other will surely increase your hopes on second chances! The power of faith and hope in the world of love, heartbreaks, and pain will change your perspective about life to some extent.

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