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10 Instagram profiles you’ve got to follow if you’re a PhotoBuff.

“There’s a frame ready to be captured everywhere.

You only have to figure it out, and present it

In a way it wants you to.”

Photography is not always about clicking anything around and trying all the filters available. Sometimes it requires a great deal to produce a single masterpiece from scratch. Everyone can become a great photographer, only if they want to. So here’s a list of profiles on Instagram that are ready to inspire you, teach you, make you believe that the world is more beautiful than we view it!

Magnum Photos is a cooperative group owned by its photographer-members around the world. According to co-founder Henri Cartier-Bresson, “Magnum is a community of thought, a shared human quality, a curiosity about what is going on in the world, a respect for what is going on and a desire to transcribe it visually.” Each of the photographs is gripping, always ready to inspire.


“We are a group of contributing National Geographic Magazine Photographers, committed to telling the world’s stories through photographs”, that is how they describe themselves. They have a diverse collection of photographs ranging from monochrome portraits to aesthetic landscapes.


  • thebrenizers

After seeing his photographs, you will not be much surprised to know that this wedding-photography genius has a photography effect named after him – ‘the Brenizer Effect’. His works make him a dream photographer for many to-be-married couples around the world.


  • muradosmann

Many have the dream of taking his wife around the world, but not the way this man does. His series “Follow Me To” is what makes him different from other travel photographers. Good detailing, beautiful locations, gorgeous make ups, all in one frame!


  • coryrichards

A National Geographic photographer and film maker, Cory Richards is sure to impress you with his jaw dropping photographs. His work on the Everest is simply breath-taking and one of a kind.


If you like adventure photography, then he is the man you’re looking for. Be it underwater photographs or skydiving videos, his skills with the wide-angle frames are undoubtedly good.


Steve Mccurry, one of the world’s most reputed photographers has an Instagram profile too. His compositions are always a marvel to watch. His work “spans conflicts, cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture alike – yet retains the human element”.


Want to enjoy some Indian stuff? Then here it is. Auditya Venkatesh, a traveller and a photographer gives you a charismatic view of the country. His works take you through a wide range of places and people. Keep an eye for the excellent minimalism in his photographs.


  • natgeo

Love, inspiration, idol, teacher for millions of budding photographers in the world, NatGeo has always left a mark in the world of photography. Even in its Instagram profile, it leaves no stone unturned to make you fall in love with their photographs.


Instagram itself has a profile that features various works on different themes they put up every week, each of them being highly creative and ready to attract your attention. Check ‘em out if you want to have a leap of creativity too!


” Happy Photography! “

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