Enslavers of emotions


    The eight letter word “Emotions” reveals the unrealistic and broad aspect of our life. We can’t define emotions. Infact there is no boundary that can bound you to define emotions. In reality, our emotions define us according to our circumstances. These are the main drivers of our life. People can’t even imagine how many types of emotions one undergoes during the whole course of life. These can’t be taught, nor can be gained from any book or any other media. This can be experienced or can be felt only. It can revolve around the facts like what is that prevents someone helping a poor and what is that forces  someone to help the poor. The real king of you is your emotion. What you feel, what you do, what you say, what you sense, emotions are directly or indirectly the ultimate driving force. In a nutshell it can be said that emotions add life to one’s life. Without it no one can ever wonder to survive.

    As we all connected to some bond that is present between all of us. We have a bond with nature, we feel for animals,we care for them, we have a bond with our mother earth. Has anyone ever wondered why we beings are so attached to a thing that we like it even for a short span of time. We hate, love, get angry, smile, get sad. What’s all this??.

    These all are our emotions getting displayed. We are driven by them. When we love someone, that emotion that you love someone comes first. When you are angry, before your own personality, the emotion of anger comes first. We all are slaves of our emotions. At some point we feel very happy and suddenly at the same point of time we are sad. All this is our emotional content present in us. Emotions fabricate a human being with variety of feelings, gestures, making life beautiful, exciting and enjoyable. As conveyed by the world itself E-motion that is responsible for your eternal motions,inner motions(feelings).

    If one adopts how to control his or her emotions, the heart ruler of all may be him or her. But the truth is there is hardly anybody who makes it . Emotions are the one under which we are enslaved till our last breath. Yes, when we get dead , emotions do come in the form of tears in your loved one eyes. They just follow us like a creep

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