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Drug abuse and US!!!!

“Cocaine is a God’s way of telling you, you are making too much money!” – Robin Williams

What is Drug abuse? Are youths the main ones doing it? What is ‘prescription compulsion’? Would one be able to experience the ill effects of it accidentally? What are the purposes for this? What impact does it have on us? Is there an approach to escape this vicious cycle? Are there any mediation programs or can recouping addicts have a present and future? Well, all these questions crop into our minds all the time. But why? Various hidden aspects are energizing the drug abuse,’ as the world is progressing for betterment. Certain elements are discussed below, to highlight the reasons lying behind them.

The truth of Drug Abuse Drug abuse or body abuse is the constant utilization of medications in forty winks and ways that damage one’s body.  It is one of the main worries of this period. The arrogant rise of individuals carousing into drugs and addictive substances has been causing a great deal of misery in the general public we live. Along these lines, it doesn’t put on a show of being a shock to realize that India is likewise gotten speed in this frightful labyrinth of smoke and pills.

As indicated by the World Drug Report 2019, over a fourth of a billion people use sedates globally. The details and information of the developing commonness of drug abuse may seem unnerving and unimaginable. However, it is the truth of the present time. An ever-increasing number of individuals are reveling into these tendencies and consciously or unconsciously destroying their lives.

The Mythos behind

It is a typical belief that adolescents are the main ones enjoying drugs. While the facts confirm that the dangers of getting into drugs are more significant in individuals having a place with age ranging from 18 to 25 years! It’s moreover a fact that generation rarely needs to do anything with addiction!

As indicated by WDR 2019, drug use has expanded generously in the older generation, i.e., individuals over the age of 40, justifying that youths aren’t the main ones defenseless against drug abuse and dependence.

Narcotics and that is just the beginning

Cannabis is a well-known choice of toxin for a more significant part of drug users. In any case, pain-killers’ dependence has seen a severe ascent of the present time. Narcotics is the most significant source of worry here. These are relief from discomfort medicine, recommended to us by our physicians, after we experience some surgery or experience the ill effects of constant pain in our body.

Even though 97 percent (approx.) of the general population do not move toward becoming addicts after the utilization of these meds, yet tragically the rest 3 percent end up into this vicious circle of dependence and withdrawal. These prescriptions are said to make sense of euphoria amongst those individuals who don’t suffer any pain or discomfort. Henceforth, it is generally advised to take such pills with caution, to stay away from the danger of getting dependent.

No specific reason

It is tough to pinpoint a convincing explanation for drug abuse and liquor abuse, as it shifts from individual to individual. While some do it to escape reality, others do it for that adrenaline surge. For some, it is a way of dealing with stress. However, for other people, it may appear as their last resort. Drugs are those beasts that creep up on you and cause you to accept that you need them to survive, while they keep slaying you all the while! The emotional changes one experiences affected by these drugs is striking. Hallucinations and fantasies are a common occurrence in such circumstances, causing it unimaginable for individuals to distinguish between their drugs initiated thoughts

An exit plan Even though it appears to be unattainable and unthinkable, there is an exit from this vicious cycle. Regardless of how far gone you think you are, there is consistently an extent of returning. Abstinence is a long and agonizing fight. However, it is that one fight that can modify your reality.

Drugs are never the final solution. They will never, under any circumstance, take care of your issues or remove your agony. Unexpectedly, drugs will turn into a mind-blowing effect. The high that you chase will wind up, leaving you more regrettable than before and cripple your deepest desires. Try not to surrender to it. Try not to quit battling against it!

Expectation and all the lovely things It is significant for us to comprehend that there is front of us. Also, it is critical to understand that these intake of drugs and liquor will deny us of that future and our present too. Try not to give them a chance to have this control over you. 

They state that the initial step to recuperation is surrendering to the very fact that you have an issue and accepting that you can beat it. Take it each day by itself, one objective at any given moment and one achievement at any given moment. What is more, in the end, soon you would have crushed every one of your devils and achieved a more advantageous version of ‘new’ you!

Arpita Chatterjee
Arpita Chatterjee
I am a Research Scholar under Nagpur University (RTMNU) and myarea of research is focusing on Canadian Literature. The purpose of myresearch are the Strategies of Survival and Politics of Gender of the femaleprotagonists of Margaret Atwood’s Novels. Along with that, I am at presenta free-lancer, into content writing and blogging. I worked as a Lecturer inEnglish at several colleges in and around India, namely Hislop College(Nagpur), Jain College (Belguam, Karnataka), Bhavan’s Vivekananda College(Secunderabad) I am a voracious reader and an avid pet-lover


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