When we buy a new house and relatives comes to our place at that time they most probably find  – the value, the area, the surroundings and whether or not it is Vastu-compliant. If our Vastu (House where we lived) is perfect then everything will be perfect.

So what exactly is Vastu Shastra and how can it benefit the home that you live in?

Vastu Shastra may be a traditional Hindu system of the building which accurately interprets the “science of architecture”.

In fact, people across the globe have currently begun understanding the importance of this technique so as to make sure a perfectly balanced home – a home that invites positive energies and helps keep out any negative energies.

Here are a number of the most important advantages derived from Vastu Shastra to become successful.

  • Comfort:  People make use of Vastu Shashtra to make themselves feel better. Vastu can certainly provide people with mental support and the comfort they need when they are trying to get over some traumatic or troublesome time.
  • Strength: Vastu Shashtra has one of the important benefits that it rearranges structures and to make sure that they can provide us with exactly what one needs to live a happy and successful life. Vastu is definitely all regarding the strength- of -the physical and also the mental world also.
  • Easy to use: The structures which we build with the help of Vastu Shashtra are almost perfect which allows for maximum flow of positive energy and spirits within the structure.
  • Best use of space: Since the Vastu Shastra is a concept of architecture; it can really help people make the best use of space. The positions of the rooms are going to be in the right place and it is going to allow you to have the most out of nature and the elements as well.
  • Good structuring: A perfect peaceful house is one that is built especially for the person who is going to live there.  It is also a house that has good ventilation; provides for a lot of air, natural light, etc. as well.
  • It can enhance one’s personality: Good Vastu Shastra can really help a person take advantage of their inner self and enhance their personality. It can help people build their personalities.
  • Enhance the relationship with other people: You can use Vastu for a better life with the people around you as well. Vastu promotes internal peace and calm and it can also promote cooperative relationships among the dwellers that live inside the structure.
  • Use this for spiritual knowledge: Vastu Shastra can really enhance people’s knowledge and interest in spirituality as well. It can help people realize the quest for something deeper within them, life, death, etc.
  • Greater mental peace and skill: A house that is clutter-free and bright is a sign of an enlightened mind.
  • It will promote happiness and good health of the mind.

1. Auspicious Vastu Tips for Entrance/Main Door


Vastu Shastra has great importance for the entrance door in a home, as this is the place where energies, either positive or negative, enter and exit a house.

Having the same this, it is obvious that if more negative energies are entering a home from the main door then people in the house will not prosper.

On the other hand, if more positive energy is entering a home then the residents will prosper and happy. hence before looking at other Vastu tips for the main door, I want you to have a look at auspicious directions for entrance in a house.

Main or Entrance Door Vastu – the impact of Directions

North:- If you want to locate the entrance door in the North wall of a home, then make sure the door is in the North-East section of the North wall.

The reason for this is often to allow morning sun (UV Rays for purification), fresh light and air to enter the house from East.

South:- If you want to locate the entrance of a home in the South wall, then locating the door towards South-East is auspicious; avoid having the door at the center or South-West portion of the wall. For all houses having the main door in South direction, it’s just to have another door in North direction also.

East:- To locate the main entrance door in the East wall, Vastu suggests keeping it in North-East part.

West:- North-West half of West wall is more suitable for the main entrance as per Vastu.

Some important tips to keep in mind :

  1. Make the main door of home the largest door.
  2. A two shuttered the main door opening inside and clockwise is auspicious.
  3. Use very good quality wood for the main entrance.
  4. Make sure that the main door is noise-free while opening or closing.
  5. Always keep the entrance door well lit with bright lights.
  6. Make sure to have a beautiful nameplate on the entrance of a home; this attracts prosperity, wealth and happiness.
  7. Have a threshold at the main door; it makes sure that you avoid loss of wealth.
  8. Try to hang some beautiful designs and paintings on the main door. In other words, avoid keeping the main door dull and drab.
  9. the main door a bit higher than ground level and keep a number of steps odd.
  10. Immediately replace cracked or aged doors to avoid tough time and loss of respect.

2. Vastu for Verandah and Balcony


North to north-east and eastern direction is considered as positive directions and south and south-west is considered as directions enhancing the negativity of the house. Any balcony located in the south or south-west side of the house must be covered and closed.

Another important aspect of Vastu Shastra when it comes to balcony and verandah is that floor and roof of the balcony must always be built lower than the floor or roof of the main building compound.

In the case of a covered verandah, tin roofing is ideally suited as it can be slanted towards the preferred north-eastern direction.

Balconies should never have arches as per Vastu Shastra design while special attention needs to be given to make sure that the corners of the verandah are not rounded.

If you are planning to grow creepers and flower pots in your verandah, make sure that all pots used in the verandah are of a smaller size.

Since most people like to have a dedicated section to keep shoes while entering the house, it is ideal to place a shoe rack in the north-eastern direction of the verandah.

3. Vastu Tips For The Bathroom


The location of the bathrooms in a house ought to be either within the southern or the south-west corner of the house, in order to ensure proper ventilation and an infection-free atmosphere.

The following are the few basic but important tips that can be applied in the bathroom area of your home or office.

Location :

  • A toilet in the center (Brahmasthan) of your house is a serious 8 defect. This will destabilize the energy of the entire space. This will create leakage of vital energy in every direction of the house. It will bring multiple adverse effects on the life path. Try to use other toilets available in the house. Install virtual shifting arrows to reduce the negative impact due to the toilet in the center.
  • The front door should not have a view of the toilet door. A positive flow of energy entering the house will flush away from the toilets. Ideally, keep the bathroom door closed in such locations to protect the energy.

Improving Energy

  • Keep a few air-purifying plants in the bathroom. Plants are an excellent way to correct any Vastu defect naturally. Use plants that are upward growing with rounded leaves.
  • Use more stone, wood and natural material in bathrooms. Keep a bowl of earth crystals (petrified wood, garnet or smoky quartz) near the bathroom window. Earth’s energy will absorb and neutralize the excess water element of the bathroom.
  • The toilet should not be above the bedroom. This symbolically indicates flushing vital energy downwards in your direction. The best solution is to move your bed towards the other direction.
  • There should not be a bathroom above the kitchen. This will create sick energy in the house and ultimately lead to poor health for the family members.
  • A toilet should not share a wall with a kitchen. There will be a mixing of two energy i.e. toilet energy and kitchen energy. Vastu partition strips can be used to cut off the negative flow of energy.
  • A common wall between bathroom and bedroom is a bad Vastu. This will cause restless sleep.

Color combination for Bathroom :

Colors like blue, grey and black represent water elements, hence should be avoided in the bathroom. Choosing a green theme is a great way to bring natural element like green napkins, towels, baskets, personal accessories, curtains, etc. Lighter colors in the bathrooms are more refreshing.

Some pictures or objects can also inspire the energy of the bathroom. Images of tree, landscape or flowers can be considered for the bathroom area. Avoid artwork-related to fishes, river or pond in the bathroom. Keep Himalayan salt in the bathroom, which is a natural ionizer. It creates a good quality of air and energy to neutralize any negative energy created due to Vastu defect.

4. Vastu advise for the Bedroom


The Vastu plays a vital role in the placement and designing of the master bedroom.

The way you sleep with your head in several directions and your placement of bed may be a major decision that should be taken properly with utmost care.

The direction of the bedroom as per Vastu

Ideally, the bedroom in the south-west brings good health and prosperity for the homeowner and enhances longevity. Avoid a bedroom in the north-east or south-east zone of the house.

If it facing to the south-east, it may cause quarrels among the couple. The bedroom within the north-east could cause a health issue.

The children‘s room is best within the east or north-west zone of the house.

What color paint to use in the bedroom

Colors don’t simply brighten our world; they additionally have an effect on our mood, health, and happiness.

Ideally, paint your sleeping room off-white, baby pink or cream. Avoid dark colors. The room should be well-organized. Keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free. Do not make a round ceiling above the bed and also never sleep under an overhead beam.

Here are some basic points one should adhere to induce peace and prosperity in your bedroom.

•          If we clean the floor at least once a week with sea salt added to the water then it removes all negative energy from home.

•          The bed should always have a headrest. Never keep a window open behind your head once sleeping and avoid a round or oval-shaped bed.

•          The place of the temple should not be in the bedroom and always keep the door of the attached toilet shut when not in use.

5. Vastu Shastra ideas for your living room


In each home, the living room may be a place for gathering.

Whether you are entertaining guests or spending time with the family. It’s important that the room should be filled with positive energy, so that family members and guests feel relaxed.

Believe it or not, Vastu Shastra can help to bring some positive changes to your living space to make it a great place for socializing. Here are 10 ideas for using Vastu to energize your living room.

1. Television

The best place for the television in a living room is in the southeast corner. Avoid fixing it on the northwestern wall as this will result in the family wasting too much time watching television instead of talking to each other.

2. Furniture

When it’s time to choose a piece of furniture, pick square or rectangular pieces instead or circular ones. Recliners are a good possibility for living rooms as they encourage relaxation.

3. Curtains

If your living room windows face the north or east from where the morning sun comes in, hang a light or sheer curtains, and for windows in the south or west, use heavy drapes.

4. Open space and plants

Keep the northeast corner of your living room empty and clean forever as this is often a part that attracts the best fortune. You can decorate that area with nice plants for more relief and feeling greenery around you.

5. Chandelier

A chandelier could be a common feature in most Indian homes.

Doubtless that it adds beauty to the area. However, make sure that it is not placed in the center of the room. Instead, hang it within the south or west side of the room.

6. Lighting

Bright rooms invite positive energy even as dark rooms repel it.

Design your living space with lighting in different corners to keep it well-lit throughout the day and at night. Choose bulbs(LEDs) with a soothing glow to bring a cozy vibe to the room.

7. Pooja space

If you reside during a tiny flat or home that has the Pooja space connected to the living space, place the Pooja shelf or cupboard within the northeast part of the room.

8. Wall color

Some colors bring positive energy to the living room. As per Vastu, white, light yellow, green and blue are the best choices for the living area as they bring in a tranquil vibe. Use these colors to maximize the positivity in the space. Avoid black and red for living room walls.

9. Paintings and art

The northeast wall is the best place for hanging paintings. But, you can choose beautiful images.

10. Free of clutter and dust

A positive environment needs to be clean and airy. Take care to clean the living room daily to keep it dust-free.

Harsha Amrish Bhoi
Harsha Amrish Bhoi
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