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Top 20 study mantras to get success in Competitive Entrance Exams

Top 20 study mantras to get success in Competitive Entrance Exams

Every student uses a different technique of study to make excellence, nobody teaches them what to study and how to study? Even teachers and school authorities also never though us how to study? Every day, new research is being conducted on education, teaching skills and learning methods, which we can use to learn scientific ways for note-taking, textbook reading, memorizing and successive reviewing, which will become available in almost every mobile to crack competitive entrance exams.

There are top 20 study techniques that can help you to get 100% sure success in the preparation of competitive entrance exams. If you use these techniques you will get success to crack entrance exams (all kind of).

1. Try to read Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov’s experiment which helps to create a perfect mood for your study.

One classical experiment by Pavlov was to make dogs slaver as soon as they heard the bell ring. at the time of eating foods accordingly. The logic behind this is your brain makes the association and become trained accordingly if you study the same subject at the same time at the same place. Within 10 minutes you will automatically get in the mood to study the subject with deep concentration. It is a wonderful trick which helps us to create an interest in hate subjects also.

2. Adjust your home study schedule as per your school/college timetable.

Once you come home from school/college, try to revise the topic and prepare the notes taught by the teacher in school/college. At the time of the test in class, try to memorize questions through diagrams because diagrams can be memorized easily than brief answers.

3. Try to follow short study sessions with great efforts than sitting for a long time with boar feelings.

As per psychologist’s research, students can learn much more in a one-hour study session than six-to-seven hours of continuous study sessions and it will remain in their mind for at least four days. It clearly shows that if students will study with a well-planned study schedule their 30 to 50% time will not get wasted. By the researcher’s suggestions, if you study for a short time, it will help you to keep your brain more active and efficient.

Most of the IITians report that they can cram much more a day before an exam than a regular day – which just confirms this particular research conclusion. Additionally, it is believed that study breaks will help your mind absorbs information automatically. As an example, if you are trying to study for dates and events, any foreign language or maths formulae, and names of countries with their capitals no need to study for more than 1 hour to memorize it.

4. Do not study when you feel sleepy.

Don’t study if you feel sleepy because studying in this situation means a total wasting of time. Instead, take a small nap after which your mind will feel fresh.

5. Try to do a smart study which will more effective than hard study.

To achieve success in the competitive entrance examination, one should measure the amount of focused study than a number of hours spending in front of the book. Following are some important strategies for keeping you fresh and alert are:

•   Minimize interruption. Try to avoid a study where TV noise or people talking loudly may create an interruption between your study. Of course, you cannot control all your family, but you may adjust your time table to study early in the morning or late at night when everyone else is quiet.

•  Always try to choose the most difficult and boring subject to study when you feel fresh. And always choose easy and your favorite topic to study when you feel lazy or sleepy.

6. Don’t choose the same subject for a longer time to study.

It is always better to choose another subject after some time instead of continuing the same subject for a long time. It means studying physics after the maths is not a good decision. Instead, you may choose History or Biology which makes you feel refresh in your brain and may help to absorb the new knowledge from a totally different subject.

7. The textbook reading method that works more efficiently– OK4R

As per Dr. Walter Pauk’s research, his OK4R method will help you to gain more information through power reading. It will help you to achieve success in competitive entrance exams. Here is how you go about it:

  • O for Overview: At first glance, just read the headings, sub-headings, introductory paragraph, and summary at the end of the chapter. It will give you a general idea of what is included in the chapter.
  • K for Key ideas: Now, go back to the beginning of the chapter and try to skim through the key ideas. Try to use the first sentence of each paragraph italics and bold-typed text, diagrammatic pictures, tables, bulleted sections that help you keep information memorize in a short and sweet way.
  • First R This rule tells us to read the topic from start to end first: Now that you already know what is being discussed, read through the entire chapter and see a full explanation of the ideas.
  • Second R for Recall: Now put your book aside and write down major points of what you have read and made your notes in a few words or sentences. The immediate recall will only take a minute or two but doubles up the retention time of the topic you are studying.
  • The third R for Reflect/ Remember: Now, this is the time for remembering all the study into your memory permanently. Think about it and try to find the significance of what you have read and its relationship with other topics you have learned.
  • Fourth R for Review or Revision: Every weekend or especially on Sunday’s try to arrange one test for yourself to find out what you have exactly got success to learned through the week. In schools, there may be tests and quizzes that assist you to go through your notes once more. These time-to-time reviews or revisions assist you to fix the knowledge forever.

8. Study throughout the early hours of the day especially in the morning:

Difficult topics may be studied within the early hours of the day. The best time to review is within the morning itself. So ensure you’ve got enough sleep at night time so you’ll get up early and cover what is necessary.

Sleeping is additionally vital if you’re attempting to get prepared for a competitive exam. It is really true that if you learn difficult topics in the early morning it will help you to memorize a lot of stuff in the long term.

9. Time to relax and make yourself refresh.

Relax and take breaks throughout your hectic study timetable.

Use this point to rejuvenate yourself, watch a movie, listen to some songs, or play a sport.

It will help you stay focused and feel fresh.

10. Plan your study time table:

Keep one thing in mind that before sitting to study try to plan your schedule accordingly.Know what you’re attending to cover on that day and the way you’ll be revising before your examination.

In this stage, it is very much important to fix your study plan in your mind.People who plan from before are able to do much better than those that don’t.

11. Take small breaks:

A few small breaks must surely be taken. Taking breaks is very important. If you study an excessive amount of at one go, you may not remember a thing during exams.

If you’re studying all morning, take some hours off during the evening and play a game or something. The whole purpose here is to study hard however not thus hard that you just can’t deal with it.

12. Don’t study at odd times:

When we say that you simply shouldn’t study at odd times, we mean you shouldn’t be studying when you are sleepy. If you are doing that, it might truly become a large waste of your time.

As an instance, people usually feel tired and sleepy after having lunch or dinner for the next one or two hours. Post dinner studies must be avoided.

If that’s one in all you, then make sure you to have a proper study schedule later. You must study throughout those times once you are prepared for an examination.

13. Get enough exercise:

Next, you ought to keep in mind to provide your body with enough exercise. For those of you who don’t understand, exercising is really important and can actually take you a very long way.

It is essential once you are becoming prepared for an examination. A month before the paper, you should make sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. It will keep your body stress free and assist you to prepare for exams quick and straightforward.

14. Its  time to read the text thoroughly and try to memorize each word and sentences:

Next what you must do is read the text properly and totally. If needed, read every chapter thrice.

Make sure you’ve got seen the headings, the introductory part properly, the subheading, etc. It will certainly offer you a good plan of what’s going to be returning for your examination.

15. Try to remember all the vital keywords from a theory point of view:

Second, what you must do is keep in mind the keywords. For that, you’ll highlight them and whenever you’re learning, keep them in mind. The keywords are vital and shall be required once you are becoming prepared for an examination. They will also help you remember.

16. Keep some enough time for revision point of view:

When you are becoming prepared for an examination, don’t forget to revise. It will very help you keep in mind plenty of necessary stuff during exams. Make sure to revise a minimum of 2-3 times before you sit for an examination. All of this matters a lot. So keep that in mind.

17. Make use of color highlighters to keep things in mind easily :

You should color the ideas in red, the dates can be kept in blue with the other facts in colors such as green or yellow. With these colors, you will actually be able to revise much better. When you color your books, you are able to remember things much faster.

This is truly a really smart strategy and one that may help you within the long-term.

18. Get a proper diet:

Exam time is usually very important. By correct diet, we mean eating enough protein, fats and little bit of carbs. Drink enough water and don’t forget to add vegetables to each meal. That matters as well.

19. Don’t be very social and try to Switch off your phone :

Also, keep in mind to be as less social as you’ll. Don’t attend too many parties. By that, we tend to don’t mean you must fully lock yourself up. But what we tend to mean instead is that be a bit selfish and focus on yourself. Exams are necessary in any case and you would like to be a lot of into your books.

Another necessary issue you need to do is turn out your phone once you are studying. Also, keep yourself far-off from social media around this point.

20. Don’t get stressed throughout the competitive entrance exams:

Finally, we’d recommend you to not stress most once it involves preparing for an examination. We understand however crucial it’s for you to ace an examination. And most significantly, ensure to stay yourself healthy and fit during such times.

Harsha Amrish Bhoi
Harsha Amrish Bhoi
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