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5 Incredible Reasons Why Fashion Designing is an Interesting Career Choice

“Fashion is like eating; you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” — Kenzo Takada

Competitive, exciting, and swift-paced – these three words aptly describe the fashion industry. The glamorous reputation of the industry requires professionals who are smart, fearless, and ready to explore fresh design elements.

Every year thousands of students enter the field of fashion designing to give their creative flair a formal education and proper push. They study fabrics and styles, fashion trends, learn to create prototypes, sketch designs, and learn about various colours and their family. During their course, they all dream of becoming the next Manish Malhotra or Vikram Phadnis of the nation.

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There is no denying the fact that the world of fashion designing is a gratifying one. From offering opportunities to work closely with celebrities to prospects of traveling across the world for exploring fashion trends, there are simply no limits. Moreover, the industry constantly throws challenges besides offering multiple work avenues.

So, if you have been planning of joining a B.Des fashion design course but are a little doubtful, here are some reasons why you should. Take a look!

Exciting Work Environment

One of the best things about entering the field of fashion designing is that you won’t have to do a boring desk job. Traveling to various cities and countries to attend fashion events will become a part of your job. You will always be surrounded by fabrics, motifs, and what not. The work environment will be infused with the zeal of bringing out designs that cater well to the masses.

Lucrative Salary

Salary is another factor that makes fashion designing an interesting career choice. Whether it is during an internship with a popular fashion brand or while on the job with a designer, you will never be disappointed with your salary. Moreover, as you progress in the field, the opportunities for learning and earning big will only increase.

A Challenging Field

Fashion is a field where trends rotate and fade every day. In an industry like this, you will always be on the front foot to deliver the best. If challenges and healthy work pressure entice you, fashion designing is just the right field for you.

Opportunity to Be Your Boss

If you are someone with an entrepreneurial bent, you can even decide to get into the business line instead of working for someone else. You can start small and who knows, someday you might end up being one of the most famous names of the fashion world. The idea should be to start small and dream big. Opening a store or a boutique is not difficult if the process is carried out with a lot of thought and planning.

Excellent Networking Opportunities

Meeting In Fashion Design Studio
Meeting In Fashion Design Studio

For any profession, making contacts with industry experts is an essential part. With the right people in your contact list, better opportunities will never be far away. When working in the fashion field, you will come across people from varied experiences and backgrounds. When you make professional contacts in the early stage, growth never stops. If in the future, you decide to build your brand, these contacts can prove beneficial in helping it grow.

Take That Leap to Be the Best!

Fashion designing is a promising field while being a competitive one. To reach the zenith, you must choose only the best college or university to pursue B.Des fashion design. Universities like UPES offer a four-year fashion design course that provides exposure to both the theory and practical side of the course. The university is also the only Indian university to be awarded QS 5 StarsTM  – Global Rating for Employability. So, give your B.Des fashion design dream the right push by opting for only the best university.


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