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A glimpse of Ayurveda – forgotten history and notions of Indian traditional medicines

More than a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing, with its origins in the Vedic culture in India, Ayurveda comes under the category of natural healing. The term Ayurveda is taken from Sanskrit and can be divided into two parts.Ayusconnotes Life, and Veda connotes Insight, Science, as well as Knowledge. Therefore, if the two parts are joined, they connote ‘Science/Insight of Life.’ It thus offers a body of wisdom or insight, as designed to aid people in staying energized, whereas comprehending their complete human potential.

Ayurveda prompts one of a well-adjusted health and self-motivated amalgamation, in the midst of the surrounding area, body, soul and mind. A number of course, of action is outfitted by Ayurveda, as linked to ideal day-to-day, as well as periodic routines, along with the right usage of one’s senses. It is hence considered to be a holistic system of healing, which dictates the entire lifestyle of an individual.

Leading Ideas

A glimpse of Ayurveda - forgotten history and notions of Indian traditional medicines
  • Ayurveda defines the three fundamental energies or ‘Doshas’, which governs the inner and outer surrounding areas of an individual. It is a customized method applied to one, and each one has the altered bodily and mental (mind-body) statutory factors.
  • Ayurveda is an essential study by means of bearing in mind all the characteristics of human beings – the unrefined physical body and understated emotional, psychological and mystical facets.
  • Distinct responsibility and energetic partaking with consideration of an individual, in order to recuperate and keep up enduring health.
  • The methods executed are natural, appreciating that apart from the unrefined components and the activities, there are existent certain delicate vital dynamisms, behind nutrients, all sorts of herbs and additional healings, thus aiding at transporting subtle, yet noteworthy effects, as well as properties.
  • Ayurveda is a lucrative business. Once, an individual gets the flavor of how to implement the right method in order to maintain a healthy balance, their entire life is free of extra charges.

This ‘Science/Insight of life teaches an individual the tactics of preserving a sound, healthy, in a wider sense, while bringing bliss and gratification in their lives.

Tools Ayurveda relies upon restoring balance and preserving the health

Panchakarma’ and ‘Rasayana’ therapies are employed in deeper purification and the rebuilding of an individual. Perfect way of life changes, habits, diet, various herbs, Ayurveda, exercises, medication and natural procedures similar to oil massages and sweating are all implemented. An individual can always consult a practitioner of Ayurveda, who might be of great help. They can always help in recognising the current constitution (Prakruti) and the existing imbalanced conditions (Vikruti). One will slowly be able to appreciate the social causes of the existing disparities and hence advice on the ways and means to change the lifestyle, diet, herbs to restore balance.

Divine Experience

The early Indian prophets perceived a dual notion behind the way of life: Spirit (Purusha) and Mother Nature (Prakruti). The union of Spirit and Matter comes up with all. Collectively they are mindfulness and creativeness.

A Cosmic Intelligence (Mahat) emerges when these two forces come together, which contains in it the seeds and laws of Mother Nature. Amidst human being it exists in the form of Intellect (Buddhi) – the ability to perceive, discern and develop the mode of enlightenment.

Ego gets created from the intellect of an individual, which hence transforms into a separate sense of self (Ahamkara).  This very principle of division, giving an individual the experience of getting divided from the unity of creation.

The Ego gives rise to a conditioned mind or consciousness (Manas) creating the protective layers of thinking, thus binding an individual to the prison. This then unites with the unconscious (Chitta), so that one rests under the impact of certain duress and motivates from the instinctive dominion and afore.

The spiritual goal of Ayurveda is to be living a life of concord along with cosmic intellect, thus achieving the distinct intellect and enlightening the unity with Mother Nature and Spirit. This asks for going past the ego and avoidable self-consciousness.

Threefold version of guns

Nature consists of 3 basic qualities:

3 basic qualities are consisted in Mother Nature:

  • Refinedness, insight, intellect, as well as accord (Sattva)
  • Vigour, action, excitement, as well as turmoil (Rajas)
  • Apathy, obscurity, tediousness, as well as conflict (Tamas)

All of the above mentioned qualities are necessary in nature, but the Sattva is the right quality of mind. Rajas, as well as Tamas present in the mind, becomes those impurities which weaken the perception. When Sattva is prime, one bares his aptitudes for verity, morality, modesty and curiosity in the good of the whole. A prevalence of Rajas produces the worth of influence, stature, power and control. Tamas traps an individual in anxiety, obsequiousness, and lack of knowledge and the forces of deferment.

Sattvic lifestyle is recommended by Ayurveda, which includes food and all types of herbs, along with this quality. Rajasic and Tamasic actions, food and also the types of herbs can be used to counter each other and validate balance and harmony, as well.

Finding a sense of balance

The mental, physical and emotional aspects of human beings, as a singular unit influencing the combination of elements in the system can be viewed by Ayurveda. If an imbalance occurs in the elements, it results in Srotas (the fluids and energy transported via the channels in the body), to get blocked, resulting the disease. The prime method of treatment and prevention of illness is over the cleaning of these Srotas, which is characteristically over Swedna (fomentation) and shiatsu/massage therapy. It is thus stressed by the doctors of Ayurveda that these treatments will never have any sort of long-lasting effect, if the individual does not abide by the well-adjusted lifestyle comprising of a hale and hearty diet, regular exercise and meditation on every day basis. To make certain of receiving the unadulterated sense of balance in life, one needs to identify and appreciate their Dosha type or Prakruti, and make the alterations in accordance.

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Arpita Chatterjee
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