Sierra vs Windows 10 (Anniversary edition)

Two best  desktop creators  have shown their  capability   of computing for this year Microsoft’s – Windows 10 (Anniversary edition) and Macintosh- Sierra these  OS  are out for  developers. We(developers) already know  lot of stuff about these both gorgeous Operating System.

We are giving the review for the key specs about these both finest creations  We’ve compared these both   operating systems  to  our assets as per our knowledge   and as  they stand today, and how the companies promise they will evolve in this year’s updates, you can choose the best OS for you.


Windows 10’s spanking new design breathed new life to Microsoft  and it changed almost everything compared to it’s last  version where as coming to Mac’s Sierra(10.12) is  visually similar to it’s last OS X EI Captain(10.11) which was similar to the previous year’s  Yosemite(10.10) the trodden visuals were from  (10.10)  most of us didn’t like that but we got used to that. The one notable thing Mac made this year, which is borrowed from the ipad is Picture-in-Picture video While few users would call their Mac interface bad.                                                                                                                                            Microsoft   offers a built-in tablet mode  and the best thing the start menu is back with adjustable tiles. Now Microsoft is more colourful and much beautiful. Since Microsoft designed this version for wide range of touch-targets, we can use this operating system on more devices. Winner: Microsoft


Now a days no one is working with the single application and everyone want to do more at once both MacOS and Windows 10 offer different desktops windows lets you work more at once. Year ago Macintosh added a two app split at once but windows multiples it two times windows gives four at time it works great when you have a large display. Winner: Microsoft Cortana vs Siri Apple has caught up with Microsoft ,which dropped cortana onto personal computers with the windows 10(original) apple brought personal assistant Siri to Mac these both are offer on dashboards for their assistants who can see the result . These both can answer knotty questions. Siri can used in working apps as dropdown and this can unlock mac with other ios device where as windows doesn’t support these both features. Winner: Apple  



Cortana vs Siri


Microsoft introduced a new feature called INK which can change your dirty writing with finger or stylus into text notes while MacOS Sierra, Mac’S stunning new feature is Optimised Storage, which will store files we don’t often access on Apple’s iCloud servers . This feature can free up 260GB on a 500GB hard drive. Macintosh users will be eagerly waiting for sierra to add this feature and free up their storage without loosing data and apple added another feature which can quickly turn photos into slide show.Winner: Apple


The extensions provided to edge by Microsoft compared to Apple’s Safari The biggest change happening on either platform is that Microsoft’s Edge browser will finally get extensions in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Unfortunately, we don’t know how many it will get, and if app development for Windows 10 is any indicator. For now edge cant beat the smooth surfing of Safari. Edge forces you to get into tab but Safari doesn’t. Phone integration- Apple Inc. produces both iphone and Mac so it has a chance to combine both phone and desktop to work to gather at great manner.  Winner: Apple

Messaging is being introduced to Microsoft with windows 10 anniversary edition the ability to message through your phone and pc and it can’t take calls which Apple can do. We are looking forward for the universal keyboard by which we copy text from one device and paste on other . Apple is introducing AUTO-Unlock with new sierra . We can unlock our Mac in instance with apple watch and we can use Apple- pay on Mac using touch id in iphone. Apple lets you update your software when your willing to update but windows forces to update their Os.

Sierra gives user-friendly looks to Mac users its hard to compete with the APPLE who craft as no one Windows 10 is not bad it’s great but Edge is not up to mark it can’t compete with safari. Mac create both hardware and software and it optimises it’s software to it’s hardware and Pc is great for and at last you are the one who choose between these both powerful os


Praveen Sunkari
Praveen Sunkari
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