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Why should one watch The Flash Television Series?

This is the generation of the Internet and Social media. How can one forget to add on Netflix, Amazon Prime? Yes, this is where most of us are indulged in. Literally, you can see people watching Netflix and Amazon Prime while traveling in Metro, Buses. While doing a job or if you are a student, a teenager then you would not be able to cope it up along with your studies or job but you can utilize your time watching it while traveling.

Which of the Flash television series have you watched till now?

I guess F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is the evergreen series which most of us had watched or have planned to watch it. But, let me strongly recommend you to watch “THE FLASH”. Don’t get offended “FRIENDS” fans it is the best series but you should try other genre series as well.

Why should one watch The Flash Television Series?
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Let me tell you the reason behind watching “THE FLASH”. It has been liked by 96% Google users and been rated 7.9/10. This series has gained 89% rating by rotten tomatoes and much more. I’m not saying you to go and watch series on the basis of these ratings rather see reviews what people have to say about this amazing series. Here is some more information you should go through if you are not satisfied with this much of information:

The Suspense:

Every season has something suspenseful and who doesn’t like suspense? When you are eager to know what will happen next you watch the very next episode even when you have no time. That’s the thing you get curious to know the rest of the story. The storyline is so amazing that you will never feel bored. Not only this even Barry the main character’s team member sometimes stands against him.

Barry’s story:

Barry Allen, the main character played by Grant Gustin who was just as ordinary in the show as other people. But once while working on his workplace he was struck by the lightning. After which he remained in a coma for nine months. His best friend Iris West which is played by Candice Patton. She being his best friend was really worried about his being in a coma and that too for so long. Internally, Barry always loved her not as a friend but as a girlfriend.

Barry became the Flash after waking up from the comma. The reason behind Barry being the flash is that when he was a child his mother was killed by someone or something which was not found or detected by police at the moment. For which Barry’s dad was arrested for doing a crime of killing his own wife which was not done by him. Since then Barry lived in Iris’s house. Iris’s father Joe who is the detective who keeps care of his daughter and Barry as Son. 

Based on Comic:

The show itself did justice to the comic by making it alive. When you read like Barry runs fast and leaves red streak behind him doesn’t make much imagination in our mind. We don’t have a clear view of it. This series is based on comic. There is no more need to live in imagination. This imagination is fulfilled correctly as a series. Reading gets boring when you have the same series to watch. Hats off! To the whole cast and producers, writers and especially to screenplay they know how to give effects. Literally stole the hearts by making us live out of imagination.

The Time Travel Concept:

This is the series which is based on science-fiction, Action, Adventure, Mystery so it is necessary that it would have some extraordinary concepts. Barry achieved great speed and when he runs at super speed he opens a portal kind of thing which distracts him all the way while traveling through it. he sometimes lost his way home too. The time travel can lead him to future or past he just needs to focus on which timeline he wants to go he will get through it. This is an amazing concept. Even though it leads to several problems in the current timeline. Sometimes he relives the past moments and sometimes he changes his past related to his Mother. But it has always lead to problems.


Meta-humans according to this series are those who have some special abilities than an ordinary person. Even Barry is Meta-human. Meta-humans are also categorized into good and bad ones. Barry is the good Meta-human who takes the responsibility of keeping the people of Central City safe. Others appeared as good ones and later showed their chameleon colors. There are many such Meta-humans who first helped him and later tried to stab him in the back. But his team is his family who keeps him away from all the dangers. In this list comes Harrison Wells who helped Barry in all the planning’s to fight against bad Meta-Humans who later found in the face of famous Harrison wells Scientist was Eobard Thawne who was the murderer of Barry’s mother.

Zoom in the name of saving the planet stole the serum to gain the fastest speed even more than Barry with the help of Caitlin by making her fall for him. Savitar who is Barry himself from the future who says – “He is the god of speed.” And there many more such villains. You just need to watch them how they tackle each villain.

The Cast:

The main characters in the show are:

  1. Barry Allen
  2. Iris west
  3. Joe West
  4. Harrison Wells
  5. Cisco Ramon
  6. Caitlin
  7. Wally West
  8. Cecile

This is the team whom you will meet when you watch the show. The connection and relation between the whole team are marvelous. Coordination, the timing of each and every member supporting each other is so impressive that you will feel connected too.

The whole operation to save Central City is done from Star Labs. Barry Allen who is the CSI guy does an investigation on the crime scene. Iris west who is a news reporter/ blogger. Joe West is the detective. Harrison wells is the pure Science guy who mostly suggests the steps to be taken by the flash (Barry). Cisco Ramon is the mechanical guy who develops things like a cold gun which is capable of making iced layers. Caitlin is the doctor who eventually takes care of every team member and gives some techy ideas too. Wally west who is the brother of Iris west who is also seen in later seasons who also gained speed but not like Barry and was known as The KID FLASH. Cecile appears in the later seasons who becomes the wife of joe west.

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