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Signs that you are suffering from Excessive Stress


Stress is normal for whatever you will do there will be some pressure, some deadline and some performance pressure but when you take too much of it, then it becomes really harmful.

If one wants to find the root cause of stress it can be very much attributed to a habit that many of us have that is being thinking about something too much. So basically “making a mountain out of mole”. All though it is often been said that stress is necessary for getting work done, the statement can be rephrased into a much better sentence saying “worry but the required amount”.

Signs that you are suffering from Excessive Stress

Generally stress is self-diagnosed but the signs are different in different people even to so much extent that some people go on binge eating also known as stress eating while others may starve themselves because they just can’t eat in the tension. In addition to the dietary changes that one experiences during times of stress, there are some physical changes as well. These include, dark circles and hair loss. Also, you will be surprised to know that in some cases excessive stress has also repeatedly cause pre-mature hair graying! Stressed people also face sleeping issues and sometimes develop the problem of snoring. Now this can be harmful to you as well as disturbing to your partner.

Signs that you are suffering from Excessive Stress

The story of stress doesn’t just end there. Stress spread quiet quickly and then the person start worrying for things that don’t even require their attention. Medical researchers also report that stress causes malfunctioning of many bodily functions. Many cases have been reported in which excessive stress reduced calcium density in bones. This will also lead to hair problems including hair loss. Now that you know how harmful it is, what can you do? Here are some ways to avoid stress:

  • Include a healthy diet in your meals. This will increase your metabolism and will give your body the energy that goes into unnecessary stress.
  • Whenever you are stressed ask yourself these questions:
    • What are you stressed about?
    • If it is something that will take place in future: When will it affect me?
    • What are the possible solutions?

So make a plan after answering these questions. Worrying about something without a proper plan will not land you anywhere. So start systematically.

  • Do not leave anything to do at last, that is, stop procrastinating
  • Give yourself a quiet minute whenever you feel worried
  • Doing meditation or giving yourself sometime of solitude without any technology also helps.
  • Do not get married to your work and try to have a good social life.
  • Try to be around people who are cheerful. Good company can do wonders
  • Try to be happy and do what you love
  • Seek help if required. Talk to the ones who are close to you.

So here you go! All that you needed to know about stress and how to avoid it.

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Signs that you are suffering from Excessive Stress

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