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3 stationary items used by people of all ages

All of us are fond of stationary. If you show a new notebook with brand new pristine pages, anyone can get attracted to it. We all are fond of stationary though the products become different with age. But here are 3 stationary items which are used by people of all ages:

Image result for written image of : 5 stationery items used by people of all agesList of 3 stationary items used by people of all ages:

1. Pen

From old aged men and women to a 5 year old child, pens are used by people of all ages. No matter how much new technology comes, pens are used and will always continue to get used. Lemony Snicket rightly said, “Anyone who thinks the pen is mightier than the sword has not been stabbed with both.”

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2. Notebook/notepad

From a small child to middle aged people to old aged people, everyone uses notebook. The purpose of usage might be different but they are used by people of all ages. John Crowley said, “Should he make a note? He felt for the smooth shape of his pen in his pocket. ‘Theme for a novel: The contrary pull … ” No. If this notion were real, he needn’t make a note. A notion on which a note had to be made would be stillborn anyway, his notebook was a parish register of such, born and dead on the same page. Let it live if it can.”

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3. Pencil

Children of small ages are usually teased by telling them that,” Oh! You write with a pencil, you are such a kid !” But the truth is that at pencils are not only used in junior schools but also in senior schools and offices as well. Shaun Hick said,“Pencil. Paper. Forget the world.”

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