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The Truth About Physical Fitness

For most of us, our days are all about waking up, going to work, enjoying our meals, and then going to sleep. We are so busy making money or taking care of others that we often neglect our health. Fitness is just a fad for people. But the truth is, fitness should be one of your top priorities. Health is your greatest wealth, and most of us have forgotten that.

Did you know, there are currently more than 600 million adults and more than 105 million children in the world who suffer from obesity? Obesity is a condition, where a person is extremely fat and overweight. With obesity come a lot of health problems, like heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problems, just to name a few. Being fat is not just aesthetically unappealing, it is also bad for you. It literally decreases your lifespan and makes you a walking dictionary of diseases.

We have started associating fitness with supermodels and gym-rats when all that there is to it is living a healthy, active lifestyle and personal nourishment.

Loving your body doesn’t just imply you being okay with your love handles or cellulite. Fitness doesn’t mean having the body of a supermodel. Fitness is what makes your body strong, healthy and immune so that you live longer. A fit person may not have abs, but at least he doesn’t suffer from back pain or joint pain at the age of 60.

Perks of physical fitness

Fitness is something that often gets ignored in our busy everyday lives. Physical fitness is not something you should ignore. It’s an investment you make in yourself, that promises a 100% chance of profit. Your body is your temple, it’s the only home you have, and it’s what you have to live with, throughout the course of your life. Your physique is a part of your character; it greatly defines who you are. Not only that, but taking care of yourself comes with many rewards; better mood, more energy, more productivity, better health, lower risk of health problems, and a longer, happier life. Why would someone want to ignore these perks and not exploit them? Beats me.

The Truth About Physical Fitness
Okay, so taking care of yourself is rewarding, but what exactly do you have to do? Well, the common answer you get to that question is to “eat healthily and move more”. While that’s not wrong, it’s vague. Really vague. Exercise does not have a single form. There is an infinite number of things you could do for your fitness. If you have free time, go running or cycling, or just for a walk. Tight schedule? Take a few minutes off and do a few sets of 30-second plank holds. Do 20 squats while taking a shower or doing laundry. The list is endless. As much as half an hour a day can make all the difference.

Why have we forgotten fitness?

There are only two kinds of people that care about fitness these days. The first kind is people who don’t want to be all stuck up when they get old. They will eat healthily, go for regular runs and exercise on a daily basis. Their definition of exercise is different than the second kind of people, who are, as you may probably have guessed by now; professional athletes.

When most people hear the term “professional athletes” with the term “fitness”, a picture of huge, muscular people come to their mind. While it is one of the most popular categories of fitness sport, bodybuilding certainly is not the only one. Apart from bodybuilding, there are powerlifting, CrossFit, strongman and other fitness related programmes too that people follow, but I shall not discuss them here.

The Truth About Physical Fitness

Then there are the sportspersons. Basketball players, Volleyball players, Footballers, swimmers; the list is endless. All of them train and workout every single day to maintain themselves, mainly because their profession requires them to do so.

Because so many new terminologies and techniques have come up in the fitness domain, the remaining people think that fitness is not for the average person. People think that fitness is a sport, not a habit one should form. Fitness is no longer thought of as something necessary for one’s well-being. It has become a sport or a thing people take up when they want to become supermodels. Sigh.

Myths and misconceptions

Just like most good things, the world of fitness is also surrounded by various myths and misconceptions. Here, I will debunk some of the most common ones for you.

  1. Weight training makes girls bulky

    The Truth About Physical Fitness
    Okay, so first let’s get something clear. Weight training does not make you “bulky” in a short period of time. Even the most elite athletes find it hard to build muscle quickly. The road to muscle gain is very long. Also, girls usually tend to have a harder time building muscle as compared to guys, because of the male hormone testosterone. So, girls, don’t be scared, grab those dumbbells, get under that barbell and rep out like there’s no tomorrow!

  2. Lifting weights stunt growth

    The Truth About Physical Fitness
    This one has been around for a long, long time. There are no studies till date that say lifting weights stunt your growth. However, where lifting weights does no harm, lifting weights with an improper diet certainly does. If you are in your growing years and decide to start lifting, well,  proper nutrition is one of the most important things your body requires. If you neglect your diet, your body will not receive the proper nutrients, and not only you would not be able to realize your potential, but you will also end up stunting your growth.

  3. You need to join a gym to be fit

    The Truth About Physical Fitness
    Many people think that to be fit you need a gym membership. If you’re one of them, answer this; do you need to go to a buffet every time you’re hungry? No! You can be fit with or without a gym membership, if you eat right, stay hydrated, exercise regularly and get 8 hours of sound sleep. Of course, you need equipment if you are looking to compete, but if not, you will be just fine without a gym membership.

  4. You need supplements to build muscle

    The Truth About Physical Fitness
    Many young people think that the only way to build muscle is to get a big glass of protein right after their workout. Well, to be honest, most of the times supplements like protein are not even necessary! If you are able to get adequate protein through your diet, that’s all you need! Supplements like test-boosters and fat burners are total rip-offs. You are better off putting that money in a jar for a trip.

Now, don’t be one of those people who read an article, have a surge of motivation, workout once then never eat healthy for the rest of their lives. Invest in yourself, and I guarantee you will see results. There is no feeling in this world as good as the one you get when you look in the mirror and like what you see.

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