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11 Adventurous Sports in Hills and Sea

Some of the adventurous sports are very fresh to the Indian populace like scuba diving and snorkeling, ballooning but some places of the country are customary for their own kind of adventurous and traditional sports which include sports like rock climbing, trekking and jallikattu. From the last few years India has become the favorite hot-spot for the adventurous sports and getting recognized on world level for its undaunted travelling. Gulmarg Kashmir, Adman Nicobar, Uttrakhand and North East India are some of the best destinations to try these adventures sports.

1. Skiing in Kashmir- Kashmir which is also as heaven of the earth bestow the place for excess of snow sports like snowboarding, ice-skating and skiing. Gulmarg of Kashmir, Kurfi of Shimla and Auli of Uttrakhand are very famous places in India for breathtaking winter sports. Skiing is the biggest charisma of Kashmir with addition of ice-skating in frozen lakes and hiking in deep beautiful valley of Kashmir


2.River rafting in Himachal- Chanderbhaga, Bhagirathi Satluj and Ravi are some the rivers of great Himalayas for White Water Rafting in India. River Rafting is an ultimate sport which flutters you till the end. The staggering white water of the rivers offers stupendous chance for the most exigent sports activity. Manali along with Kullu are some of the great options for thrilling River Rafting along with other water sports.

river rafting

3.Mountaineering in Uttrakhand- Peak of the Himalaya make the land of God as the fantastic place for mountaineering and climbing activities. Most of the Uttrakhand is covered by the mountains which make it ideal for the climbing activities. Although mountaineering is not an easy task and requires skills to choose the right path while climbing and need accurate techniques at the right time. Specifically Garwhal and Kumaon region of Uttrakhand offers sports like Trekking, Mountaineering and Rock climbing.


4.Trekking in Arunachal- The hunk of paradise is still unconsumed and unexplored. The northern part of India offers sparse and wild experience of trekking. Dirang trek, Twang trek, Se La Nuranang trek is some of the famous places that gives a fascinating experience of trekking with a wide range of flora and fauna. Rolling hills with elegant greenery offers camping also.


5.Scuba Diving in Andaman- These union territories of India is famous for its virgin beaches and beauty which is unexplored till now. These small islands are well known for rousing scuba diving and snorkeling. Havelock Island is one of the best sport to traverse unmarked beauty of Andaman islands.

scuba diving

6.Flying fox in Kerala- Aside from thrilling water sports Kerla is also known for extreme gripping sport called Flying fox. It is an unique journey from top of the hills, rivers or valleys with ultra-powerful steel zip lines and at the same time one can enjoy the astonishing view of down earth. As one flies through the steel zip lines like a big fox straight from the beautiful valley of Kerala. Not limited with this, Kerala also offers you sports like mountaineering, valley cross and trampoline.

flying fox

7.Bungee Jumping in Karnataka- The superlative sport Bungee jumping is very fresh sports in India and is ready to get more fame in the country. Cherish the fun of Bungee jumping in India with all thrill and enjoyment. Mysore of Karnataka, Rishikesh of Uttranchal and Anjuna Village of Goa. are the only few destinations of India to feel the exciting thrill. Rishikesh is having highest Bungee Jumping platform with 83 meters of height.

bungee jumping

8.Water sports in Goa- Goa is one of the most popular tourist destination in India, and sea beaches are known as one of the best sea beaches in the world. The Arabian sea beaches of Goa bestows some of the most thrilling water sports which includes Jet skiing, Parasailing, Swimming, Snorkeling and Kayaking. Water sports doesn’t only limits to on the water but is also includes the sports which are played under the water. One can also enjoy windsurfing in Goa it is also an thrilling sport and is extremely popular among the tourist and local populace. According to trainers Dona Paula bay is best destination for the beginner.

water sports in goa

9.Paragliding in Maharashtra- The Western Ghats Hills of Maharashtra are one of the best adventurous sport destination in India. Places in Maharashtra like Panchghani, Kamshet, Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar are very ideal and popularly known for recreational Flying sport that is Paragliding. Paragliding is one of the most thrilling and fun loving flying sport after Parachuting or Skydiving. The season for Paragliding in Kamshet is generally from October to end of May. Tower Hill is the main flying site. There is also Lake Pavana which offers lake flying and locally known as Pawana dam.


10.Rock climbing in Madhya Pradesh- Rock climbing is one the well known adventurous sports in Madhya Pradesh along with Rappling valley crossing, Jumaring and Mountain Climbing. The Satpura mountain range offers this thrilling Rock climbing and trekking. Panchmarhi, Gwalior and Jabalpur are few places which host ideal facilities of rock sports.

rock climbing

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