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Top 10 mistakes you should avoid doing at your gym

You may see some people walking straight into the weights room and then taking off some random weights without even knowing why. These people are the one who cannot complete their repetitions and complains about abnormal pains throughout their entire body.

There are some obvious errors as well. Tell me, how many times have you seen someone performing their exercises in a complete bad form? Have you tried to help them? And even if you had, it was just a complete vain attempt of correcting someone’s form which is already fixated on something they know to be right. There is always that one guy who will brag about his gains and do heaven knows what kind of exercises he prefers to be right for him. Well, if you haven’t encountered someone like that in your gym, then you can always look up the gym failure videos and get an example.

There are some embarrassing moments you may notice happening from time-to-time in your gym and trust me; some fail that you see online are not even funny. Some are extremely dangerous and can cause substantial injury to the person. With so many pieces of equipment to choose from and from a different set of exercises to perform every day, there are a lot of mistakes which can get wrong once you are at the gym.

Gym mistakes are a common thing. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Even if you are wondering about that one time when you fell from the treadmill and hit your head while everyone was laughing at you, then consider yourself to be lucky since you are still okay. Some mistakes which happen at the gym are occasional, some are just common, some are unintentional, and some are extremely encouraged. Since these mistakes make the person who you are, there are times where you can avoid doing them since your life is precious than your ego.

So here are the top 10 things which you can avoid doing at the gym and which will also save you from being featured in a video tagged as ‘Gym failures’.

1. Not warming up before exercises

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Now that you have heard your gym trainer screaming at you for the tenth time to warm up is that all worth it? Well, let me advise you that warming up before your exercises are as necessary as drinking water to stay alive. Do you know why? Well, warming up before your exercise helps your muscles to adjust and get running.

It is also a great way to power start your engine and get your heart rate all high to speed up your exercise. A total body warm-up for about 10 minutes or more helps you to stay flexible and do your repetitions on an ease. It is important to warm-up since it helps your body to prevent uncertain injuries and get the body all prepared for the set of your workout. How to know when you are ready for your workout or not? Well, when you start sweating after you have warmed up, that is a prime reminder that your body is all ready to get going!

2. Not planning a proper routine or sets of workout for your session

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Well, how many times have you just stayed there, cluelessly waiting to do something after you have finished doing your bicep curls? If you are thinking that it is a good thing to be random with the set of workouts you have to do then you are absolutely wrong. You should always set your goal straight. What is it that you want to do? Do you want to cut or bulk? Do you want to lose fat or just go to the gym and gossip with your friends?

Getting a whole chart ready for your workout session is extremely important. Walking into the gym without a proper plan and a chart is like heading to your store without knowing what to buy for your dinner. It is absurd to wander like a ghost in your gym. If you prepare a chart with enough sets and the number of repetitions it should have, you will have a proper engagement to conduct at the gym rather than just standing near the equipment and thinking.

3. Doing excessive cardio and using no weights

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The biggest mistake to do at the gym is overdoing your cardio and take no shot at weight training. It is like eating your vegetables but just taking a bite out of them and trying to stay healthy. It is useless and fetches you to nowhere. Overdoing your cardio can be a pretty bad thing for your health as well. Doctors have prescribed that if you run miles at the treadmill then you are most likely to end up with a heart attack.

Sure cardio is helpful in many ways but overdoing it not an option. Plan your cardio session or a HIIT session for over 20 minutes or more. Then you can go back to lifting weights which will help you to bring a properly balanced shape and also help you to achieve the goals in a more easy way. Some women find it fearful to lift heavy weights while thinking that it will make them look manlier. This statement is absolutely wrong. Lifting weights will help you achieve the gains which will make you look healthy and active!

4. Doing your exercises in a bad form

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Now that I have discussed in the previous form that you will find that one guy in the gym doing whatever exercise he can but in a terrible form. People often use too much weight and they can barely carry out one repetition of their set. Some people think that carrying heavy weights makes them look smart but that is completely the opposite. What good is it if you can’t even complete one repetition, let alone doing the whole set?

It is always advisable to ask your trainer about your form and help you carry out your exercise. If you don’t know something they don’t feel ashamed of asking about it to your trainer. They are there to help you with something you are unaware of. Also if you think that you cannot do that one exercise by adding weights then you can first try it without them. Once you have perfected your moves, you can add weights and see how it goes.

5. Always doing the same exercises and the same amount of reps

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Going through the same chart and the same amount of reps for your workout regime is a big blunder which is avoiding your gains. To hit all the gains and see better results, you might have to change your workout chart for better exercises. For example, if you are doing an exercise with the same weight then you can double the number of repetitions to help you score your objectives.

We all like sticking to something we love but if you do that in your workout regime then you are likely to end up with nothing at the end of the day.

6. Not having enough time to rest

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Are you being extremely tired at the end of your workout? Are you trying to do your workout but not giving yourself enough time to take some decent rest? Well if you are then it is a good time to stop. Not giving yourself enough time between sets will only help you to end up with no gains.

Give your system a break! Your system is an engine which gets tired of all the activities you let it perform. If you don’t let it rest well then it won’t serve you till the end of the day and you are likely to end up with a sore pain which will stop you from your second-day workout.

7. Not bringing your own accessories at the gym

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Now that you are a grown-up and have started going to the gym, you should also bring your own bottle and towels or whatever that you want with yourself to save you from the constant embarrassment of asking it from someone else. It is a pain for anyone to let anyone else use their own belongings especially when a gym is just a place filled with sweaty people.

If you are planning to go to the gym for the next day then pack your things into your pack at the previous night. Don’t forget to put in the essential items which can save you from the trouble.

8. Following the trend

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You have always wanted to do an intense workout session as you have seen in a YouTube video of The Rock. To be honest, it is not impossible for you to exercise like The Rock but are you all ready for it? It is a common mistake for men to follow the herd and go for something which is already popular. Once they have heard that someone in their own group has performed three sets of heavyweight squats, they want to do the same without even knowing their own capability.

9. Not eating proper meals

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To be healthy, all you have to do is plan your meals. Are you going to the gym and not eating properly? Then it can be the prime cause of your deficiency in gains that you are facing. Exercise is 30% while eating a proper meal accounts for 70% into shaping your entire system. If you just exercise but still go on eating fried items bought from the stores then it is high time you should stop doing that.

Eat something before your workout as well. Don’t plan a heavy meal before your workout since it will just be difficult for you to exercise with a heavy stomach. Have proper protein and reduce on the carbohydrate intake.

10. Not having fun with what you doing

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Are you being forced to go to the gym and workout? Are you not having fun with your exercises and feeling great when you wake up for the next day? Well, exercise is all about having fun and enjoying what your body likes.

If you don’t like going to the gym then don’t force yourself since everyone is going to the gym. Go out on walks or join a yoga class if you wish to be fit. Going to the gym is not the only source of working out. If you feel nervous while working out in front of everyone then you can build a mini gym in your own home and do your exercises.

It is all about loving the person who you are. Don’t just go to the gym to compare yourself with someone who has a tight pack of abs. they might have worked hard for it.

Always remember, ‘The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow’.

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