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Health is Wealth

health brings us wealth 

Health is Wealth

There is a proverb, “Health is Wealth”. So, every one of us should be cautious and conscious about health. If health is gone, I believe everything is gone from any one’s life. If money is gone, it may be recovered but if health is gone it is very difficult to restore the broken health again. If you’re health condition is not permitting that means you‘re already suffering from some kind of abnormalities which has already acquired on your body so kindly take this as a high alert of warning. It can also be deadly too. So one should not neglect any abnormalities or disorder of health rather one should take care of health 

Health is Wealth


Health is Wealth

Even a headache can be dangerous for your health do not neglect anything do take care of your health condition  at the very initial stage of any such disorder and discomfort.

Health is Wealth
Health is Wealth

Live your life and forget your age  as

”Age is just a number”

One should life live for them self as life is short make each moment memorable for that one should take proper care for there health. At times we get depressed , frustrated, hopeless, and many other feelings are felt . But love yourself then life will love you too. Maintain a healthy life for yourself not for others . As it’s our mind ,thoughts which makes us ill as well us a  great person.Also sets  a great examples for others.

Health is Wealth


Pinching out the truth”

Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

The research has been seen. Now days people are been more affected because of their unhealthy life style. As a result Obesity problem has increased also working late night with insufficient sleep is causing a bad impact towards health. It is also a fact that people have become very lazy. Where as, the pattern of life style has changed. Henceforth the work load has been increased with a rapid speed.It is also been seen that the competition has reached on the highest pinnacle.So we don’t have time for ourselves 

But yes the funniest part is we have ample of time for and new update of fashion, media, gossip and other sources of technology.

Health is Wealth

“The early bird catches the worm

Health is Wealth

 Yes this is totally out of the way idiom 

But yes if you look through the perspective of our life style if we can take proper care of our health then only one can win the battle of race and challenges.

Prevention of staying healthy and disease free life 

Walk at intervals 

Health is Wealth

Excuses are nothing but lying yourself……

Our schedule has become so tight that we usually don’t get time for Morning walk or Evening walk.

On the basis of time and busy schedule one should take out time and start walking at their intervals. To be Started initially start with less after some days it can be increased according to your time and schedule

Nothing can be better than walk 

Taking out time from busy schedule can make us stay healthy, wealthy and beautiful

The Perfect Diet

Now days everyone is figure conscious. Especially girls we all want to look as beautiful as Kareena, Jacklin, Deepika etc…

As a result we are skipping our correct nutrition.

Having the correct amount of food at every interval is the correct way of staying healthy.

Intake less of oil, Sugar intake, less of Carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables ratio amount should be more, Protein intake medium.

Health is Wealth


By Doing exercise we can stay healthy and fit. But one should also consider there Internal pain, Age, and Other problems. As each exercise are meant for some specific reason. Eg- If one is having Arthritis problem so one should avoid “High density works out”.

As research has found pains only increases if one is giving pressure to the part where it is been affected.Similarly one should visit physiotherapy rather than working out with dumb bells.All ages are having different exercise As we step on 50 our body function starts getting slow also the blood, nerve system, tissues, brain start becoming slower it is better if one introduces slow exercise and meditation. Meditation is also a very good exercise for healing our mind. As it is also a practice or recommend for high temper. It also helps people who are facing mood swings.

Health check up

Every month check up should be maintained. Because it helps us to know about our accurate health and other problems faced. It also helps us towards the direction of ill health as per it also guide’s us for a better and healthy living.

Correct treatment-

We generally compromise as when it comes for health. We are ready to spend a lot of money for household purpose and other luxury components which becomes our first priority. Choosing the correct Doctor and clinics should be kept in mind first.No compromise towards health should be done. Cause it can be deadly too.

Admit when you’re not feeling well-

Health is Wealth

Any pain or any kind of abnormalities faced instead of waiting for a day or two quick action should be taken by visiting the doctor immediately rather neglect it one should accept it and communication with the Doctor at a urgent base.

Our Health is in our Hand. So it’s up to you if you want to stay Healthy then comes wealth



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