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The science of eating chocolates – How it works?

Chocolates are a delight to everyone. Be it in your adolescence or just when you are about to be 60, chocolates are a delight to anyone at any point of time. It has been seen that people around the around of age of 10-20 consumes 1kg of chocolate daily on a fair amount. With chocolates being the booster of our mood, is it really worth all the effort? What happens to our body is when to start binging on something which is really dangerous when consumed on a higher level.

Just like the caffeine which is consisted in a cup of coffee, binging on a chocolate can be effectively bad for your health. They are rich in active compounds which can quickly absorb your energy levels and formulate different moods in your system. There are some positive and some negative effects of consuming chocolate on an average basis. Here are some of the health benefits which are attached to the consumption of chocolate on a minor level.

1. It reduces your cramppy mood

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If you are having a bad day then you should probably have a chocolate to relive you from the stress and pressure that you are dealing with. There were 10 participants who were subjected to high pressure and situations of stress in an experiment. Out of those 10 participants, 7 of them when consumed a chocolate had gradually their moods uplifted with the effects of chocolates and its effects. Any product based on cocoa or flavoured drinks have the positive effect of uplifting someone’s mood and have a better cognitive performance in overall.

2. Chocolates can reduce your appetite

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One of the most favoured effect of chocolate is the loss of appetite which results into minor consumption of the product. Ingestion of dark chocolate causes a less of 20% of calorie in their users which are compared when subjected to other items to eat. Since chocolates have a significant effect on someone’s mood, it is important to keep in mind the level of theobromine in a chocolate  can formulate all the effect in a human being and cause them to eat less while they are already consuming a product.

3. Chocolate  can give you a glowing skin

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Yes! This one is a start but consuming chocolate can give a glowing skin as well. If you are trying to maintain a healthy skin by modulating all the blood flow in your face then the consumption of chocolate will help you to ease the process. There were two groups of women who were subjected to the feeding of chocolate and the other group being subjected to the feeding of some other item. The one group which were fed chocolates had a much better and healthier skin than the other group which wasn’t.

4. It improves the blood pressure

The science of eating chocolates – How it works?

The flavanols which are presented in dark chocolate can increase the stimulation of endothelium in your body which in turn can manage all the blood flow well. One of the functions of this system is to send signals to the arteries so that it can reduce your lower blood pressure and let you have a smooth working bodily system. Many studies have shown that consuming dark chocolate on a regular basis can be effectively better for a good working heart and it can also result into your workout system that you are putting in now.

5. It reduces heart diseases

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The compounds which are present in chocolate which appears to be highly protective for your heart, can help to reduce all the heart risks that you are likely to develop when subjected to a bad system of living. In the long term, this should cause much less cholesterol damage to be lodged in your arteries resulting in the lowering of your heart borne diseases and causes. Studies have shown and proved that more than 500 elderly men when subjected to the use of cocoa has reduced their death from a heart attack by a whopping 60%.

6. It protects your skin from the sun and its harmful radiation

The bioactive compounds and chemicals which are present in chocolate helps you from the sun and its harmful radiations as well. By consuming chocolate you can increase the amount of flavanols you have in your body which can in turn help you to overcome the harmful effects of the skin as well. So next time if you are planning to go out on a beach vacation then load up your diet with full of chocolates so that you can protected well.

Since there are some negative effects of chocolates as well, here they are. But keep in mind that these effects are only applicable if you are overdoing on the consumption of your chocolate.

1. Weight gain

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The most negative factor of overdoing on your average chocolate consumption, weight gain is probably the largest factor by which people have lessened their consumption of chocolate on a higher level. One bar of a milk chocolate consist of 44 grams of cholesterol, 235 calories and 20g of fat and 230 gm. of sugar. Saturated fat level elevates the blood cholesterol which puts on a risk of a heart disease at any time. The sugar amount in a milk chocolate can increase your sugar intake and be the main cause of your diabetes. The amount of calorie that you are getting while consuming a bar of chocolate is the amount of calorie you can reduce while walking 30 minutes straight into the park.

2. Kidney issues

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Chocolate contains a high amount of toxic material which is known as cadmium and which is extremely bad for your kidneys. Consumer products and their testers have tested in their labs that every brand and their competitors have more than the recommendation of 0.3 mg of cadmium in one bar of a chocolate. If you are overdoing on your chocolate consumption then make sure that you do it on a proper basis to keep your kidney safe from the damages and diseases caused by the intake of cadmium.

3. Cavities

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The main cause of your cavities is the over usage of your chocolate consumption. You can develop type two diabetes as well with heavier consumption of chocolate. Eating chocolate is good for your system but you have to make sure that you do it on an average basis so that your cavities can be kept away from your teeth. Having a proper set of well balanced teeth is what everyone wants but with the overdoing of your chocolate consumption, you can destroy your complete set.

4. Overdose of theobromine

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Although it is extremely unlikely for a human being to overdose on a higher level of theobromine, consuming too much chocolate can result into the same. If you are feeling nauseated from eating too much chocolate then stop once and for all. Consuming too man y chocolates at one go can reduce the level of your body system and its function and you can even faint at times.

5. It causes heartburn

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Heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux is the process in which your stomach contents comes back and it can cause heartburn in your system. A heartburn is probably the worst thing that you can experience. The national digestive group has encourages its member to lower the consumption of chocolate on a daily basis so that their members can stay fit and active for a much lengthier base of time.

6. Can cause your acne and breakouts

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During you puberty, you have often wondered that what causes your breakouts and why you can’t mildly control them as well. Because with the higher level of consumption of chocolate in your system, your skin can break out and form large and cystic acne which can be extremely painful to bear. Although eating a chocolate does not properly link to the acne on your face but having a poor diet can. If you are consuming chocolate s or dairy products on a whole level then your skin can break down with the over production of carbohydrates in your system.

Chocolate has a natural calming effect on our brain but this does not mean that you should consume them each and every day to calm yourself. If you are really going for a chocolate based diet then it is highly recommended to go for the dark chocolate since they are nutritious and have the least negative results in your system. With the decrease in appetite, chocolate forms a natural weight reducer for every one of us but with the over dosage on its consumption can be completely different for your health. Chocolate s are best to reduce a bad brain function and to get them going more smoothly and in a proper way. There are so many ways through which you can have your chocolate and savour your first bite with the taste and its deliciousness. Always remember that every good thing is bad for your health in some way or the other so take them in little quantity to minimise the damage.

Having a chocolate in one or two weeks is a proper amount in which you can regulate your chocolate consumption.

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