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Is It Possible to Raise Your IQ?

Everybody knows at least one person whose brain they wish they had. There is always one person in our social circle who is nicknamed “Einstein” for his logical skills and his vast knowledge. When we look at such people, we are amazed at how someone can be so smart. Now, obviously it is impossible to turn a donkey into a fox, however, it IS possible to increase our IQs and dubbed geniuses too!

What determines our IQ?

IQ or Intelligence Quotient is basically a measure of how fast we can solve complex puzzles, come up with the solution to a problem, or apply a concept to a real-life situation. I shall make a list of parameters that IQ tests measure for better clarity-

  1. Spatial Ability- The ability to recognize spatial relationships between objects is called “spatial ability”. An example of this is to recognize the orientations of shapes or figure out the missing pieces in a puzzle or an incomplete shape.
  2. Logical ability- This ability refers to one’s capacity to solve complex equations and come up with sound logical solutions to problems.
  3. Memory- IQ is also measured by one’s ability to recall things visually or aurally, and be able to imagine something with clarity and in detail.

How can IQs be increased?

Like I said in the beginning, a donkey cannot be turned into a fox. IQs are mostly a genetic thing, just like your height and your eye color. But it is fully possible to train your brain and hone its skills.

The IQ tests on the Internet are not exactly an accurate measure of your intelligence. Intelligence is not just defined by your cognitive abilities, but also little things like your memory, or the way you react in unusual situations. A person isn’t just intelligent logically, but also emotionally and socially. Unfortunately, there are no tests to measure that part of our IQs.

Coming back to the cognitive Intelligence Quotient, here are a few ways to raise your IQ by improving your cognitive and logical abilities:

Start Early

Is It Possible to Raise Your IQ?

The maximum amount of brain development in a human takes place between the ages of 0-5 years. Hence it is always found that a child who has been nurtured better or has been exposed to more skill-building situations has a higher IQ than the rest. So if you are a parent, then a proper nutrition rich in brain foods and lots of skill-building classes will make your kid brighter than the rest.

Practice Image Streaming

Is It Possible to Raise Your IQ?

This is an IQ building exercise that supposedly made Nikola Tesla the genius that he was. As a child, Tesla had a habit of imagining (in very minute detail) scenarios about a different life. He would visit new places, made friends, and this world in his mind would be as real to him as the world outside. So later when he grew up, this habit of his helped him visualize and invent new concepts out of the existing ones. You can try it too. Every day, try to imagine a scenario or just an object in the minutest detail possible. Try to use all your senses- imagine how it feels, smells, looks, in the most detailed manner possible.

Change your routine

Is It Possible to Raise Your IQ?

If you go through the same routine every day, your brain will get accustomed to it and have trouble processing new information. This will reduce its capacity to solve unusual problems and situations, hence reduce IQ. So try introducing variety in your daily routine. Take a new route to work, eat something different for lunch, visit new places, just anything.

Learn a new language

Is It Possible to Raise Your IQ?

Almost every successful person, or a relatively smart person, knows at least two to three languages fluently. If you watch Ted Talks, you will realize that almost every intellectual person speaking of their successes is a multi-lingual. Learning a new language is a highly cognitive skill, and will improve your IQ to a significant extent.

Engage in cardio

Is It Possible to Raise Your IQ?

Cardio or high-intensity workouts release endorphins that fire up your brain and make it work faster. The good effects of exercise on your body and brain are well-known and proven by a hundred scientists. So do make sure to engage in some exercise and boost your IQ.

Solve puzzles

Is It Possible to Raise Your IQ?

Solving complex puzzles, crosswords and playing mind-training games helps you develop your analytical skills. If you solve difficult puzzles on a daily basis, your brain will learn how to think in unconventional directions and help boost your IQ.

Eat brain foods

Is It Possible to Raise Your IQ?

Numerous studies have shown that nutrients like iron, zinc, folate, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, B, and D have a significant effect on one’s brain development. So try to include foods rich in these nutrients in your diet. Avoid sugar, as it makes you sluggish, and replace empty calories with IQ boosting foods.


Is It Possible to Raise Your IQ?

“Practice makes a man perfect” is not just a quote, but a truth. You can be a pro at anything if you practice hard enough. Every new skill that you learn, make sure to practice it well. The more you practice, the more perfect you become. And the more perfect you become, the easier your brain finds it to engage in that activity.

Get out of your comfort zone

Is It Possible to Raise Your IQ?

If your brain is always comfortable, it will never know how to deal with unusual situations. To train your brain and increase your IQ, you need to get out of your comfort zone. This point is similar to the second point in this list. So visit new places, maybe go on a trip alone, learn difficult languages like Chinese and Latin, or go to a party where you don’t know anyone. Anything that gets you out of your comfort zone will boost your IQ.

Do things that smart people do

Is It Possible to Raise Your IQ?

Well, if you want to be smart, you need to adopt the habits of smart people too. One of their habits that you will benefit the most from is reading. The more you read, the more knowledge you acquire, and the more “smart” you become. It is one of the best habits you can acquire, and a sure-shot way to up your “genius” quotient, so make sure you read a bit every day. Other habits of smart people are learning new skills and solving complicated problems whenever possible. I have already discussed these above, so I hope you know what to do now.

You may not be born with an Einstein’s brain, but nothing in this world is unchangeable. So pull your socks, train your brain, and be the genius everyone envies!

Shubhi Srivastava
Shubhi Srivastava
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