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How having a Hobby can help you.

Why and how having hobbies plays an important role in shaping up your personality?

Do you remember filling sections  or answering questions like “what are your hobbies”?

Hobby is something you do on a regular basis. It can be a skill of yours which you are furnishing. It is something you like to do apart or along with studies or work. May it be Dancing, Singing, learning Musical Instruments, Horse riding, Archery, Basketball, Workout exercises, Gardening, or watching TV or NETFLIX and many more.

If you are good and passionate about reading and getting good grades in academics, then very well. You can do very well in your career. But only studying and no play makes you dull. You know it right? Having something which you enjoy doing apart from studying is important. Want to know why? Read the following.

Stress Reliever

Art Hobby
Art Hobby

Having a hobby relieves stress. You come home after tackling your cubicle work or bench studies, what would you do next? Something that brings your heart a little peace. You do what you enjoy like breaking a little sweat, painting, listening to music. And there you go, your stress from your packed schedule fades.

It brings peace to your mind because it is something you do with no compulsion. It is not attached with your work or other commitments. Thus it helps in soothing your mind and as well as sharpening your skills.

Keeps you away from Boredom

Craft hobby background with yarn in natural colors. Recomforting, destressing hobby
Craft hobby background with yarn in natural colors. Recomforting, destressing hobby

It keeps you from being a boring person. Imagine people talking at work, you are a part of that conversation. You are interested and involved as far as its the talk related to work stuff. When other co-worker starts planning for dance or fun activities which nowadays every organization ask their employees to do. You will find yourself out of the conversation, because all you do is work. And thats when you realize that you are a boring person. But if you do something apart from work, may it be even watching TV, then you can provide them with ideas for the theme inspired from your favorite TV shows. This will eventually help you in maintaining your work and family relations. And ultimately you will feel wanted and satisfied.

Hobby gives you a sense of purpose.

Their Favorite Hobby
Their Favorite Hobby

The more you do a hobby, the more you enjoy and get interested in learning the subject. Doing it on a regular basis, allows you to understand the importance of taking breaks from you hectic work schedule. You will learn and furnish your subject more with time, gaining perfection.

Create a sense of Challenge

Taking up sports as a hobby will increase your urge of getting stronger. It can create a sense of challenge in your mind and eventually you will want to set and reach milestones.

Decreases the pressure of competition

With hobby, you can enjoy what you want to do without feeling discouraged or guilty. You do it because you enjoy doing it. As it gets more enjoyable with time, you find yourself at pro level. We live in the age where competition in every field comes flooding with talents. But if its a hobby, you don’t have any compulsion, you do it to enjoy it. Thereby, it decreases the pressure of others doing better than you.

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Hobbies can help you bring extra cash

You may do a thing much better than others. Its the time you realize your worth. If you are good at something, people will surely recognize your work and will praise it. That recognition and appraisal of your work which you do as a hobby can bring you good fame and may also help you with some extra cash. If you are painter, you can earn money from your paintings. If you know dancing, you can teach locally in your spare time. Just realize and learn how to make use of your talents along with enjoying it. This kind of working will relieve your stress as well as shape up your personality.

Hobbies keep you from developing bad habits

Shaping wet clay on pottery wheel
Shaping wet clay on pottery wheel

When you are stressed from your work and you eventually bring along that stress of yours as a companion to your home. That stress may result into you developing bad habits. You want to escape that stress of yours but you are not able to. Then someday you hear from your friend, that smoking can relieve stress. And you feel the urge to try a smoke. With time, you will end up being a SMOKER(bad habit). But, if you have something to do that you enjoy, then ultimately it will help in keeping the stress of yours away. It keeps you from sulking in boredom too.

Hobby can enhance your creativity

Having something to do which you can enjoy makes the creative side of yours come alive. When you take up an activity as a hobby, you enhance and furnish your creativity level. That creative side of yours becomes better with time and this helps in building the good of good side of your personality because this creativity knowledge flows into your regular work too.

Hobbies can help you prevent or fight Depression

Depression is something real which many of our generation’s people face. Having a hobby prevents you from sulking in your past or depressive thoughts. Thus it takes up your time which you were wasting on getting depressed and helps you in realizing that you can be happy too.

How having a Hobby can help you.

Hobbies can boost up your confidence and build your personality

When you are better at something other than work. Or do you not like it when you get the tags of being a multi-talented person and all-rounder? Yes, you do! The hobby which you practice everyday and enjoy eventually shapes up your personality by boosting your confidence. When you realize that you are good at something, and then when it brings you good results, you get confident about it. And confidence is a charm which makes your personality better.

So now you know what good having a hobby can do. If you already have something which you like to do, then good. But if you do not have, then its high time to take up some hobbies, because even your CV’s requires you to fill the HOBBIES section.

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