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Reasons Why SAS Analytics Is A Must-Have IT Skill?

The landscape of the IT industry’s operational functionalities has been changing continuously. There was a time when it was considered to be a failed business option; however, now it is one of the most successful industries in the market. The IT industry today employs more than 3.9 million people and IT industry offers good salary range as per stats from Statista.  

Looking at this boom, a huge number of students try hard to get a good start in this industry. However, not all of them succeed due to the lack of proper skills.

According to a research study by Forbes, Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and good command of programming languages are some skills that IT companies look for in the candidates. While all the above-stated skills differ from each other in many aspects, the one thing common amongst them is a good knowledge of SAS programming. Once you have a good grasp on the working of SAS, you can easily get a job in the field of IT. In case you are a fresher or an experienced employee with low experience in SAS, you can take SAS training in Delhi or Mumbai and improve your chances of getting a good job.

Reasons Why SAS Is An Important IT Skill?

  • Increases Your Marketability

Candidates with a good knowledge of SAS have higher marketable skills that provides them with an edge over their competitors. A candidate who possesses good command over SAS analytics can utilize data in a manner that is more lucrative and comprehensive than those who do not possess good skills with SAS. Moreover, all the major companies use SAS software for their data analytics which increases the chances of getting a job.  

  • Expands Credibility

The certification process for SAS is considered to be one of the toughest in the industry. Thus, if you are a SAS certified professional, the trust of your employers in your working skills is strong. They trust the predicaments, analysis and advice you offer to them; hence, increasing your credibility. Moreover, as SAS is a fourth-generation language, it allows you to manage and analyze data formed by various bases like Excel, Minitab and others.

  • Enhances Area of Specialization

SAS certified professionals are extremely efficient in their field of work. Some of these fields are:

  • Machine Learning: The high-performance clustering in the SAS network allows you to segment big data and offer a novel algorithm for choosing the required number of clusters. Being a fourth-generation programming language, SAS is the most powerful machine learning tool and an ideal platform for large data sources and numerically sensitive applications. Thus, allowing professionals to work better and faster than their competitors.
  • Data Visualization: One of the biggest challenges that enterprises face is deciding the visual that represents the information in the best manner. The Visual Analytics by SAS uses intelligent auto charting to create the most effective visual on the selected data. Auto charts are handy when you need to visualize large amounts of data quickly.

Advantages of Leaning SAS

There are numerous advantages of learning SAS as the modules provided in the SAS software can be used to profile prospects and customers, predict changes in their behaviours, and manage and optimize operations according to market requirements. SAS is also the best analytics software in predicting fraud activities, allowing you to predict and catch frauds sooner. Moreover, with SAS IT management solutions, you can collect data from different IT assets to create reports that can help the senior management in improving their businesses. All these properties help you in improving your chances of getting a job and succeeding in it. Therefore, if you are looking to enter the IT industry soon, you must learn SAS and get certified. Opt for SAS training in Delhi or any other city in India and take your first step towards a bright career.


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