The importance of reading habits to kids


    Remember those days when kids where young they used to sit near their grandmother and listen to old tales. Sometimes some grannies or mothers used to read from thick books to the children to make them sleep or eat. Now people usually plunk their kids in front of the television or the computer to feed them. In the earlier days early mornings for most fathers and mothers used to begin with their newspapers, late night’s ended with books before bed.  With the advent of technology and the media people nowadays have lost their passion for reading.  All books have been replaced by tabs and all newspapers have been replaced by computers. The anticipation and the excitement of reading a new book is all but gone for many people. Reading is such an important hobby that the slow death of it is very saddening. Of course there are still a few faithful readers left but even those who read just pick up easy breezy reads that really do not require any mental capabilities to be applied on which just makes it a mindless read.  Kids hardly spend any time reading any books other than their school syllabus these days. There are so many other distractions that reading a book never comes as the first priority for elders let alone kids. Also watching Television and playing games require much less mental activity and seems to be far more stimulating than reading a book.  However if a kid discovers the pleasures of reading at a early age it can alter his entire life for the better.reading

    Books stimulate and excite the mind. It opens the eyes to the world around us in a more fascinating way. Books can become a man’s best friend if you really read a good book well. There are plenty of good books out there but not enough readers. Though technology is sort of affecting the reading habits adversely the advent of kindle and other advancements have helped to bring in new readers to the community.  A good book is like a gift that keeps of giving. A book can lift someone’s sprit up and give him hope and promise in life. There is an immense need for parents to develop reading habits for their kids at a very early age. Here are a few tips on how to develop good reading habits to kids at early age.

    1. Read stories and short passages to him whenever there is time. Like when feeding and before going to sleep.
    2. Create a reading space for him to read when he is old enough. Tell him to read at least half an hour in that area daily reading something. The kid himself would develop a passion for reading then.
    3. Do not encourage him to read school books alone. Introduce him to the world of other books.
    4. Lead by example. The kid always learns from their parents so it is extremely important that you read in front of him.
    5. D0 not let the kid too much time before the television or playing video games. Have a fixed limit for these activities and stick to the limits.

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