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10-Lesser Known Facts About Animal Intelligence

Animals never fail to surprise us.  Do animals have something like human awareness or consciousness? Most animals are intelligent in specialized ways. Animal intelligence may simply denote the study of cognition in animals. Some animals have some special traits which can be superior to even human traits. Let’s find out how animals and humans have similar intelligence traits in 10 lesser known facts about animal intelligence.

  1. Horses Never Forget Their Human Friends

Human friends may come and go, but a horse is here to stay. A horse could be one of your most loyal and long term buddies if you treat it right and fair. Horses have excellent memories and they have the ability to learn and memorize the human words and their language. They have a brilliant range of hearing due to which they can hear human words and voice better than even dogs.

  1. Rats Have Working Memories Like Humans

The brain stores sensory information for very short periods of time in a working memory, so that it can be used later. This mechanism can be seen in rodents like rats which comes in handy for them to remember the places where they have kept their food stuffs. They use their past experiences even to protect themselves from their enemies.

  1. Zebra Finche’s can fake Their Behaviour

This behavioural trait of Zebra Finches can be associated with that of humans. Isn’t it? Humans have the ability to analyze and can respond according to the situation. Similarly these species of animals even though sick but when faced with a potential mate would appear robust. The same thing can be witnessed when they are in front of their young ones and their enemies. In this way they change their behaviour in accordance to social circumstances.

  1. Pigeons remember Photographs and Images

The pigeon doesn’t have the greatest reputation among humans. However the common pigeon is seriously misunderstood and is actually impressively intelligent. They can remember dozen of routes to find their ways to familiar places; they can also recognise their faces in the mirror. The pigeon’s memory can be unmatched when it comes to remembering hundreds of photographs and images.

  1. Gorillas can solve puzzles by their intellectual power

The gorilla is the most intelligent animal in the world. The gorilla also bears the closest resemblance to humans. Gorillas use a special sign language to communicate with each other. The gorillas can remember people, names, places as well as they have the problem solving ability due to which they can solve puzzles and can perform certain tasks.

  1. Dogs Have the Ability to do Maths

Dogs have the ability to do math, and can learn about 165 words. They understand arithmetic and can notice errors in certain simple computations like 1+1=3. More intelligent dogs (intelligence varies per breed) are able to learn more than 250 words and signals. Even they are so intelligent because of their grasping power.

  1. Parrots can understand the meaning of the words they listen

Parrots have always been regarded as smart, due to their ability to mimic the words of humans. However, what most people are not aware of is that they usually understand the meaning of the words they say too. Surprised? This intellectual power of parrots makes them one of the most intelligent bird species in the world.

  1. Elephants mourn the Deaths of their loved ones

Yes guys you all are hearing it right. Elephants do mourn the deaths of their loved ones. They are known to always perform rituals once a death of someone close takes place. Elephants watch over the body for days, and often cover their deceased with leaves and branches. These traits show that animals can even have human emotions. They love and care their loved ones and this is sheer intelligence.

  1. Lemurs Steal Food behind Your Back

Guys these are special type of primates who have the unique ability to steal food behind one’s back. So beware guys your food is in danger. Jokes apart these primates are highly agile and can steal food in no time.

10. Crows can be as smart as your kid

Crows continue to demonstrate that they are very brainy birds. In fact their intelligence can rival that of 7 year olds. Based on findings crows share a sophisticated awareness of cause and effect possibilities that are on par with human skills.

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