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NASA studying how zero gravity affects the brain

The news regarding NASA-funded researchers studying zero gravity affecting the human brain has been the talking point.It was said that the researchers were studying brain structures and functions of astronauts aboard the International Space Station,ISS, to know how the brain changes in the space.

The recovery time that was needed for the brain after returning from the space was examined by the researchers.It was also said that the researchers were using the process of brain imaging and behavioural assessments in their studies.

The astronauts were subjected to time obstacle courses and tests of their spatial memory or ability to picturise and manipulate 3-D shape before and after the space trip.

It was also said that the space memory tests were also conducted aboard the space station with sensory motor adaptation tests and exercises that were computerized to enable them to move and think at the same time.

The astronauts were tested once after they had entered the space station,in the midway and towards the end of the six-month flight. It must be noted that the structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging, MRI scans of the brain were conducted before and after the flight.

According to Rachael D Seidler,Director of Michigan’s Neuromotor Behavioural Laboratory,changes in size or shape of the brain structures were calculated.

Seidler also confirmed that on Earth, the chemotherapy vestibular system indicated how head moved relative to gravity whereas in the Space there was no gravity and these could pose serious problems for the astronauts when they land on Mars etc.The study results also revealed whether normalcy was attained in the astronauts after the flight or whether brain had compensated for the changes in the space.

It was concluded that the studies could also prove to be useful for chemotherapy they would also have reactions similar to that of the astronauts.


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