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What Makes The Escape Rooms So Exciting?

Ever wondered what would it be like to live the life of your favourite character like Sherlock Holmes, escape a zombie apocalypse or find the hidden treasure in real life?

If your inner child is screaming Yes! Then escape rooms are what you’ve been looking for.

But what makes the whole experience so exciting that people are so hooked to them in the first place?

Don’t worry we’re here to tell you the top 5 reasons why you should try escape rooms

It’s the “Mystery” that lures you in!

Escape Rooms
Male Zombie in Red Light

We, humans, are stuck in our monotonous routines, and the most exciting thing we get to solve are the puzzles on a gaming app at the end of our day. But what if there’s an option to immerse in a real-life mystery full of challenges, puzzles, mind games and experiences that would make your adrenaline rush in a limited amount of time, sounds exciting right?

Make your bonds stronger than ever!

Human beings need connection, and Escape Rooms comes with a challenge. The only way to win is to work as a team and to communicate with each other. They can prove to be the real ice breaker on your awkward dates, a fun time with your friends and a bonding time with your family. Escape rooms have something for all of us, even for children.

A real-life adventure with an engaging storyline!

As a child we all wanted to live out the adventures of hardy boys, be a famous detective or save the world. Now, this is possible and we get to even choose our adventures with the amazing sets, it feels like being a hero of a Hollywood movie where even you don’t know what will happen next. Would you make it in time? Do you have the brains and the guts for it? Can you step up your game and be the hero? If yes, then this is your calling! 

It gives you the adrenaline rush you love so much!

In a limited amount of time, you transform yourself from an ordinary person to a person who can conquer it all. There are only 2 minutes left, you still can’t find the last clue. There is panic, can you make it or be defeated.

Oh, wait! You know what to do, you make a run for it, the adrenaline flowing into your body and Bingo! You have finally made it and saved the world by 30 seconds. Your heart is beating louder and you’ve learned so much about yourself in so little time. Are you ready for another chase?

It’s fun, interesting and educational, all at the same time!

We often create patterns in our brain for solving everyday problems, and escape rooms challenge us to think outside the box. We learn new ways to deal with problems, solve mysteries with different patterns and in turn challenge our brain to work hard. We surpass our limitations and that’s a huge win to take home.

Now that you know what keeps us so hooked to escape rooms, do you have it in you to try one for the thrill of it?

Well, Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, we can’t go out to find one but there are amazing virtual escape rooms that you can try for sure.

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Here are some virtual escape room games that you can enjoy on your phones or laptops!

Great Escapes

Great Escapes is a game developed by Glitch games. It is available for free on Google Play Store, App Store and Amazon App Store. The game does not have a lot of rooms but it has rooms with great quality design and hints. They also keep adding new packs so you might want to stick around. The game also has innovative features like a camera that lets players photograph everything in the room, lots of hints and items to use and an autosave feature so that you never lose your progress.

The Room: Old Sins

This game is developed by fireproof games and has a storyline about the missing case of an engineer and his high society wife. To solve the mystery, the gamer has to look for a long lost artefact and leads to a dollhouse. The game has an amazing creepy atmosphere, pick up and play design, great rooms and multi-language support.

Escape Through History

This escape game is offered by Mobest Media. The game takes you back in time through a time portal where in every stage you have to solve puzzles and find clues so that you can progress. The locations used are memorable and interesting and with the help of your intelligence, you can pass through these eras. The best part, it has an autosave feature so you won’t lose your progress.

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Escape Titanic

Who hasn’t heard about Titanic? The ship sank as it got hit by an iceberg. If you loved the movie and the scenes alike, this game is for you. It is based on the Titanic theme where you will have to solve puzzles to escape the Titanic. Do you have the brains to escape this one?

Nox Mystery Adventure

This game is a clear winner but is large. If you love escape games this one is a must-play! It has a detailed storyline inside an old manor where you have to investigate and find hidden clues and solve the mysteries. It might be challenging for the first time players (if it’s your first escape room game ever!) But it’s really fun and you must try to finish it in one go.

It is also completely free so go ahead try it now!

Panic Room: House Of Secrets

The story revolves around an old man who abducts people in his mansion. You as a gamer will wake up and find yourself in this mansion with many rooms and corridors. To escape the mansion, you’ll have to search every corner of the mansion to find clues and talk to the neighbours for clues. The game has a captivating story, good graphics, mysterious music, a lot of game modes and twenty unique characters. The best part is you can add friends, interact with them and finally help each other on your way to freedom.

True Fear: Forsaken Souls I

If you are a fan of dark and horror games, this one is the perfect fit for you. The story revolves around solving the mystery behind your sister’s disappearance and mother’s death. The game is well crafted and can be played in two ways. You can choose the hidden object scenes or puzzles. There are a lot of achievements that can be unlocked along with secret info and more mysterious puzzles.

Home Town Adventure

This one is one of the classic escape room games where you have to escape from a locked house. All the rooms in the house contain clues and different puzzles that you will have to solve to escape completely intact. If you’re stuck, the game also has a hinting system.

Hope you loved the concept of escape rooms and are excited to finally try them out in real life as well. Till then try the online ones and have fun escaping!

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