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Biggest Mysteries of History

There a lot of unsolved questions on earth and regarding earth. Every question has a answer and every puzzle is ought to be solved. If we don’t get answer to any question it’s not the problem regarding the question it’s due to our effort. Our effort and determination derives answers to our curiosity. Let’s have look on such mysteries on earth.

Sailing Stones

There are quite mysterious stones in Death Valley, they move. The stones in Death Valley are as big as 700 pounds and they move on the surface without any external forces. Some researchers say that it’s due to combination of natural forces such as wind, air makes the stones move.


WOW !!! Signal

This happened on August 15, 1977 when Dr. Jerry R. Ehman was working with a radio telescope at Ohio State University. Dr. Jerry R. Ehman detected a strong narrowband radio signal while working on a project at the University. Amazed at how closely it matched the expected signature of an interstellar signal, he then circled it on the computer printout and wrote the comment “Wow!” next to it. The signal had lasted for a full 72 seconds and has not been detected again.


Tunguska Explosion

The sources of explosion happened in Tunguska are still unknown till date. In 1908 a explosion happened in Tunguska, Siberia. Its area is half the size of Rhode Island, the huge explosion caused due to a fire ball from space. Scientists say that it as a meteor, lack of evidence has led to lot of speculations. The explosion was equal to bombing 2000 Hiroshima type bombing.



Bermuda Triangle

A triangular area between Florida and Puerto Rico is usually called as Bermuda triangle. Many ships and flights have been missing in this area. Flights flying over this region and ships entering this area are found to be missing since centuries. There is a lot of electromagnetic activity in this area.




It is believed that there is a hidden city under sea. Plato describes Atlantis as a formidable naval power and conquered much of Arica and Europe in 9000B.C. After failing to invade Athens it sank in to sea with a lot of fortune. There has been a lot of efforts to find this city but all went in vain.


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