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20 Fun Things To Do In Your Home During Quarantine!

Being stuck inside your home during this pandemic can be tough on your physical and mental health. Although initially having all the time in the World seems exciting, and we end up having a blast, but after a few days, when the excitement fades out, all it is left to do is Netflix and chill, and staring at the wall blankly until sleep.

Well, Don’t worry, you don’t have to be bored out of your mind anymore because we have got your back with this exciting list of things that will cheer you up and make your Quarantine period productive!

Here Are 20 Fun Things You Can Do During Quarantine!

1. Exercise a little!

Okay, before you decide to throw shade at me, just hear me out! We are in a pandemic, and because we are trapped inside our homes, we are spending most of our time watching our phone screens and television. What better time will we get to finally achieve our fitness goals and to boost our immunity by just exercising?

You can start with some light exercises, yoga, or even just meditation to keep yourself fit and healthy.

2. Hobby time!

We all loved to do so many things when we were kids, but as we grew up, our fast-forward life left us with so little time to do something creative. Now is your chance to explore your hobbies; you can paint as much as you want, sing your heart out, create your recipes and do everything that you once loved as a kid.

3. Start a small business!

I know this one seems like a big step, but if you have always wanted to start your own business, you can do it now online and have the time to work on it and watch it grow.

4. Learn new skills!

A lot of websites offer free courses for anyone who has a good internet connection and a few hours to spend. You can learn practical skills relating to your field or a new language that you can later flaunt to your friends in just a few weeks. You can also join certification courses that will help you a lot in your long-term career.

5. Start your own YouTube channel!

With so many people searching for new content online, new creators have a chance to grow. If you feel like you’ve got something creative to offer to the general public, this is the perfect time to start your own YouTube channel or make reels on Instagram. Always remember everything big starts from a small point. So keep posting stuff, and you’ll one day reach the heights.

6. Begin your Self Love journey!

I know everyone preaches self-love, but no one tells us how? Let me tell you one thing, attaining self-love is a very personal journey, and you have to face your insecurities and your own beliefs about yourself to reach that point where you can feel comfortable in being yourself. The journey can be tough, but you have everything inside you to reach the destination, keep walking one step at a time.

7. Do an internship or a job!

With a lot of time comes a lot of ways of making side money. If you’re a student, this is the golden time to do internships and part-time jobs to earn extra bucks! Even if you don’t have any special skills, the knowledge of the language is enough. You can try content writing or editing jobs to earn online easily. You may explore Best Internship Websites In India.

8. Help in daily chores!

Now that house help is a no-go, try helping in daily chores; not only will they give you some exercise, but they will also make your bond stronger with your family. 

9. Watch all the series you’ve always wanted!

Well, this one is pretty obvious; if you’re in your initial days and don’t want to overexert yourself, you can relax and watch some good series and documentaries online for free.

Who said good content couldn’t be both educational and fun?

10. Try podcasting!

Podcasts are in nowadays, and you can simply start your podcast online for free. If you are someone who loves to talk about different topics or just likes telling stories, this is perfect for you. You can develop your fan base and explore more about yourself.

11. Reconnect with your friends or exes (maybe)!

 Call your squad, play fun online games with them, chat with your old friends with who you lost touch, laugh a lot, and just communicate.

Human beings are social creatures, and since now all we have is our screens to communicate, why don’t we just show our concern and let people know we are there for them. A few kind words can help someone going through a tough time.

12. Time for self-care!

No excuses now! Go try that bubble bath you’ve always wanted to take, light up some scented candles or even make some yourself.

Try all those facial packs you never had time for, and just pamper yourself. You’re worth every single effort, and this is your time to just relax and let things be.

13. Read all you can!

Whether you’re into fictional books or educational, reading is something you can do from the comfort of your room. You don’t need anything fancy for this, except imagine yourself with a book, a cup of coffee, and a rainy day. What a vibe! Okay, stop daydreaming now and grab that book you’ve always wanted to read and immerse yourself in the alternate World that it offers.

14. Help a cause!

Help people in crisis by online means and try your best to spread awareness about the cause, educate people and help the organization with their work. If you truly believe in the cause, you’ll find every minute spent on the task worth it.

15. Explore the World virtually!

Did you know some websites will let you travel across different museums and places virtually? Don’t let the traveler inside you die; simply go to these websites and let the traveler inside you roam through these exotic places.

16. Enjoy the gaming experience with your family and friends!

Since you have all the free time in the World, you can finally play games online with your friends and family. You can play escape games or create fun games on your own with the help of the internet. Nothing is more fun than gaming with people you love.

17. Focus on your long-term goals

A lot of us have a long-term career or personal goals that we want to achieve, but in our busy lives, we don’t get to invest a lot of energy in them. Now is the time to make an effective plan to reach those goals and start the journey.

Your future self will appreciate your time spent wisely right now.

18. Grow something!

Not everyone has a knack for gardening, but you should try it once to know if you have the green thumb. It’s a beautiful experience to see life grow because of you.

19. Start journaling!

Always wanted to keep a diary but never got the time to write? Well, now you can journal all your life lessons, your thoughts, and experiences in a journal and read them in whenever you want your wisdom. You would love to re-read it in the future.

20. Organize!

You can finally rearrange things in your home to make space, organize your closet, make picture collages and clean up everything. By doing this you’ll discover more nostalgic things and have space for more.

Are you excited to try out these ideas? I hope you’ll enjoy your journey and make your Quarantine productive and fun!

Anjali Jain
Anjali Jain
Fall in love with my words, stars and a little more with yourself everyday. a dentist by day and writer by night!


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