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Top 10 interesting and unique courses

There are some point of time in your life where you have to decide on the type, of course, you want to study. Be it a fashion designing course or something related to graphic and illustration, there is a lot of option to choose from when you are deciding for something which will mend your life. If you feel indecisive about the type of career you want to choose then you can browse through some of the most unique courses which will definitely interest you a lot better.

unique courses
unique courses

Opting for a more unusual course will lead you in a good way. It will help you to differentiate and mend your abilities. You will also know about your options and specific requirements you need to indulge in a specific course. Graduating with a unique course where you can give your undivided attention and top propriety is something you should definitely look out for as well.

All courses are important they are unique in their special way. Taking a unique course is a big leap into the future so you should probably take some time and think about it before you finalize your decision. Picking a unique course is completely your decision and it all lies on the choice that you make. Once you have taken up for the choice of choosing a unique course, you cannot really go back. Here are some of the ways through which you can reflect on your choice and choose the best unique course which will fit you.

  1. Take things slowly and never rush on your decision. If you need some time to reflect on your action then sit down with your family members and ask them to choose any unique course for you.
  2. Always remember that the choice you make is what you will really end up with. Go over the types of unique course you need to choose over and over again. If you feel lost and confused then don’t hesitate to ask your teachers or take professional guidance from them.

Now talking about this unique course, if you are feeling a bit left out and confused by the whole idea of going over a course which is completely different then we are here to make the work easier for you.

Here are the top 10 interesting and unique courses you can choose for yourself and won’t regret later.

Course in baking and technology management


First up is the type of career you never even dreamt of. Who knew that you could do a professional course into something where you just need to put your artisan skills and mix chocolates to become a master graduate certificate holder. Well, with the help of this course in baking and technology management, you can make your wish come true. Trust me, the fancier thing other than eating a chocolate cake is to bake it from scratch. 

Master degree in equestrian psychology

Horses, Animals, Nature, Horse, Equine, Mane, Farm

Have you ever dreamt of curing horses and making them okay? Well, here is your chance of putting your efforts and becoming a graduate in this field. This is not an episode of Bojack Horseman where you have to deal with a depressed horse talking about him non-stop. This is an actual degree which lets its students study horse behavior and characteristics and opt several measures according to the requirements.

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Master’s degree in peace and conflict studies regarding different nations

Now you can study about different nations understand their conflict reasons and produce proper reasoning and cohesive methods to solve them. With the world’s highest ranking entry as in the top 10, this course has been ruled out to be a fan favorite among several and millions of students. Here you will learn about the happenings of a war and what are the peace building methods which can help to disable any conflicted situation.

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Degree in game designing

Minecraft, Video Game, Blocks, Block, Computer Game

You may have heard about this course from earlier, but this course is absolutely cool and unique for many people. A number of Swedish universities offer this course to their students so that they can develop video games and draw their characteristics, model designing, functions and etc. It includes knowledge of graphic designing and 3D modeling (mainly MAYA). 

Game designing is fun and initiative. You can take part in work programs which can help you to indulge yourself into a lot of time-consuming designs or ideas which will definitely fascinate you. Out of the other courses presented into this list, this one strikes out as an absolute choice for all the students to choose from.

Degree in outdoor learning

Maldives, Tropics, Tropical, Aerial View, Vacation

If your job includes you spending outdoor all the time, then that is definitely a cool job for everyone. You might want to apply for this course since it has high perspectives of student employment and gives a fair pay to their workers as well. Plus you will also get to go to places that you have always dreamt of and think about enjoying over there for a couple of weekends. This course mainly falls under social studies and nature, nurture contributions to a sustainable environment.

Videography and Photography options

Blonde, Girl, Taking, Photo, Photography, Vintage

Now that you might think that this course is boring but it is definitely not. Imagine taking pictures of beautiful sceneries or models, every day and getting a handsome payment for it. Videography is ruled out as a popular career option by most people since this course is easy and simple to finish. If you think yourself to be a professional photographer and have the relevant skills for making a good pay for yourself then you should definitely choose this course.

A career in floral designing

Chalkboard, Blackboard, Board, Frame, Canvas, Blank

Crafting flower designs on handmade objects or cloths is ruled out to be the most interesting and unique course option you will ever get. Since this course is short lived for a definite period of time, you can indulge yourself and get to know about this course more. The course teaches its students about floral designing, imprinting and how to trade with different business traders and their perspective. 

A degree as an art therapist

Abstract, Art, Background, Paint, Texture, Colorful

Now you may be thinking that what is an art therapist then let me tell you that it is a very interesting course to choose about. Art therapy is an extensive form of therapy which helps a client to relieve from the daily stress and pressure. It is a form of psychological treatment which helps the people to regain their consciousness. It is said to establish mental benefits by boosting confidence into someone and enabling them to regain their self-esteem and proprieties.

Degree as a body painter

Paint, Makeup, Girl, Cosmetics, Color, Creativity

Painting is a style of expressing what one has. It is a style of portraying the feelings towards any common denotation. With the help of this body painting degree, you can master the art of body painting and learn its uses. You might be thinking that what can you possibly achieve by learning to body paint? Well, this course is not as simple as it looks. To body paint, you need to understand the basics of this course.

You could apply the paint in your hand with the help of makeup sponges, brushes and etc. The additional painting contains some strict guidelines and rules which you need to understand before starting this course. There are many live workshops which you can attend in order to understand the meaning of this course. This course is entertaining in its own way!

Ethical hacking

Code, Programming, Hacking, Html, Web, Data, Design

Now you know what hacking truly is, you don’t know what the true use of hacking is. You might have heard from somewhere that hacking is an illegal form of degrading one’s own privacy but what you haven’t heard is that you can hack into someone’s computer without being legally objected. This type of hacking is known as ethical hacking. This is a fun course for them who are good at cracking passwords and can have a fun time hacking into someone’s system and stealing their information.

This course is a lot more than it sounds. There are some higher agencies which assign ethical hackers into their business so that they can hide information from an unrelated source. You can breach the security of the top system and get handsome payments for it.Many big companies are currently looking for ethical hackers so you can always take up this course.

There is a lot, of course, you can choose from this list. Remember that you should always think before you act on your choice. If you are going for a simple course like MBA or any other then make sure you can give your undivided attention to that field of study. There are many students who rush their decision into something and regret later. It is important to consult your parents and teachers before you are choosing something which will be set for the rest of your life.

Make sure that you love your selection and respect your choice later!

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